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A Complete Breakdown Of Invisalign Costs For Easy And Comfortable Wear

Invisalign’s popularity has increased dramatically since its introduction around 2000 due to the fact that it allows patients to improve their smiles without causing any change to their appearance. Although many have benefited from Invisalign London however, some have been told they’re not suitable candidates that raise the question.

Does Anyone Have The Ability To Use Invisalign?

Simply put, don’t accept the myths being circulated in offices. Invisalign smile is effective in its function in creating better teeth and happier quality of life. If you’re considering Invisalign or were previously informed that it’s not a viable option, we’d like to make clear the benefits of Invisalign and the benefits it offers you.

1.   You’ll Keep Your Good Looks

Your appearance is very high on the list of priorities. Invisalign is aware of this; too as its benefits include your convenience and comfort. Teens and adults alike recognize that the way they dress affects the way they live their life in a myriad of different areas.

Your appearance gives you confidence when you go to the workplace, present a presentation, or make new acquaintances in the community. With Invisalign London, it is an easy-to-see appearance nobody will notice the fact that you’re working to improve your smile.

If you’re more at ease taking your trays out on a special occasion like a wedding, or gala, you’re given the freedom to do it. Invisalign recommends wearing your tray for up to 22 hours per day, giving you some flexibility in order to remain Invisalign-free.

2.   It Makes Brushing And Flossing Easy

If you were forced to choose the one that is straight and free of construction, or one with obstacles, bumps, and turns, which one would you prefer? The majority of us would choose the easy way. In the case of flossing and brushing, Invisalign is the clear route.

Since the aligner tray of Invisalign is accessible, you can take them to brush and floss. Since there are no brackets made of metal to scrub around or the wires that floss, flossing, and brushing require less time and effort.

Be aware that Invisalign requires that you brush your teeth after each meal. Because of the plastic Invisalign material staining may be a problem when you don’t properly brush and clean the food particles between your teeth.

3.    You Fix Underbite, Overbite And Crossbite

A majority of us have had any or more of the three problems during our development years. You’ve seen the photos as a child and posed the question, “Was that really what I was like?”

There are products that can improve the way we appear. Invisalign London has transformed the health of many people’s mouths, and it could be a similar solution for you by addressing any bite issues you are facing.


  •         It occurs when the upper teeth are pushed against the lower teeth.
  •         For example, the result of oral habits or genetics
  •         Causes gum irritation and wear to the bottom teeth, and discomfort in the jaw.


  •         The lower teeth protrude over your upper teeth
  •         It reduces the use of front teeth and, possibly, the Molars
  •         These cause wear on teeth and jaw pain.


  •         It is caused by an inadvertent misalignment of the upper and lower jaws
  •         Creates a bite in which your front teeth slide between the lower front teeth.
  •         Causes wear on teeth and the potential for tooth loss or gum disease

Invisalign offers specific teeth straightening and bite-solving solutions to each of the issues listed above.

4.   You Can Improve Your Overall Health

If you choose to invest in Invisalign cost London you will have straighter teeth in the process. In addition, you improve your oral and dental health. When you align your teeth correctly to avoid swelling gums, periodontal disease dental decay, and lessened jaw discomfort.

The American Dental Association has indicated that oral diseases could be the reason for serious health issues, such as heart disease.

Being confident in you certainly contributes to general well-being. When you believe you feel less stressed and easier while recognizing your pride. With straighter teeth due to Invisalign, you will get the edge.

It is not necessary to suffer from issues with your bite because you can’t receive the proper treatment. If you’ve been informed that Invisalign is not a viable solution for the problem you have, we’d be more than happy to discuss the specifics regarding Invisalign in detail with you.

Do You Need To Keep A Retainer On All Your Days After Invisalign

With Invisalign, you can have your teeth straightened in as short as 12-18 months. However, it is important to keep your retainer on after treatment according to the instructions of our cosmetic dentists.

The retainer keeps your teeth from shifting back to their initial position. Inadvertently wearing your retainer following Invisalign braces could impact the way your smile appears as well as the overall health of your mouth.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the top frequently-asked questions we get from patients following the completion of their Invisalign treatment. This is what you need to be aware of regarding your retainer.

Why Do My Teeth Move After I Remove My Retainer?

When you’ve finished your Invisalign treatments, we are aware of the hesitation you might be feeling to put on another oral appliance. It’s crucial to adhere to the guidelines given by one of our Invisalign London.

If not your teeth are likely to slowly shift back to their initial positions. Although you may not be able to see your teeth shifting initially, however, the changes are more evident with time. For instance, the retainer might be uncomfortable and tight when you’ve not worn it for several days.

Your retainers are able to last the duration of time you wear them. It’s normal for your teeth to gradually shift following the removal of the Invisalign braces, or after you have stopped wearing Invisalign.

This is a result of regular wear and tear on your teeth when you chew, bite down or swallow food, and talk. The retainer is made to avoid visible changes to help you keep your gorgeous smile.

Do I Require A Retainer Following Invisalign Treatment?

Yes, you’ll have kept a retainer following Invisalign treatment. Although Invisalign is different from traditional braces made of metal, the end result remains identical. You’ll require retainers after every type of straightening of your teeth.

What Should I Expect Following Invisalign Braces?

Your teeth are partially secured by the jawbone surrounding them. With Invisalign, the jawbone will have been softer or gone (a process known as Resorption) which means that teeth can shift to their final position.

After you stop wearing Invisalign You must wear orthodontic retainers so that your teeth remain in position while a new bone is formed. It can take anywhere from 9 to 12 months before your body can create enough bone that can support teeth.

What Can I Expect 12 Months Following Invisalign?

After 12 months and you’ll have new bone growing around your teeth to ensure they remain solid. Because of this, you shouldn’t need retainers for your Invisalign London regularly to maintain your beautifully straight smile.

The dentists at our office may suggest only wearing your retainers between 3 and five times per week. Although your teeth won’t shift so much after the jawbone is regaining bone tissue, they’ll advance backward as you age. This isn’t something that you can notice immediately however, it’s an ongoing process that occurs over the course of decades.

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