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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Letgo?

Letgo is one of the most popular second-hand marketplace listings apps. As one of the newest firms, it has already mediated transactions worth a total of $23 billion! With 45 million users and $5 million in weekly transactions, it has taken a significant market share from Craigslist and Ebay, indicating that the business has a decent chance of beating these established competitors in the classifieds e-commerce market.

But the most important point is that this app is great in terms of customer experience, intuitivity of the user interface, and ease of sale, and as a result, it has a wide range of clients from various nations. As a result, many entrepreneurs considering starting a business are interested in learning how to construct an app similar to Letgo’s success. ​​​​​​

Make an app similar to Letgo.

  • This article will provide you with information on:
  • The most important features of the Letgo app are:
  • The most important technologies for the app’s success are:

How to create a similar app

  • At the moment, the Letgo project comprises of the following components:
  • The two apps – one for iOS and the other for Android;
  • The project’s website and app presentation.
  • Letgo is one such app.

Letgo is one of the app’s features.

Many new entrepreneurs may be interested in learning how to create an app similar to Letgo clone. First and foremost, it should be clarified which aspects of the application contributed to its success. Letgo is noted first and foremost for its functions and ease of use:

Registration It’s quite simple to sign up for this project: simply use your e-mail address or your Facebook account. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store and select one of the available alternatives.

Selling. After completing the registration process, the application directs you to this menu. This feature is quite simple to use, which makes the app stand out. The selling function consists of a screen with a camera, which you use to take a snapshot of the goods you want to sell. The artificial intelligence technology in the Letgo system automatically recognizes your goods based on its photo and the category it belongs to. That’s pretty much it — all you have to do now is write the product’s price and description – the latter of which can be done later, once the classified has been published. By tapping the “More info” option, you can also discover how many people have looked at your classified.

Buying. When you type in the name of the product you want to buy, the app displays the goods that are closest to your location. The items can be filtered by posting date, category, or location. Then, after clicking on the photo, you’ll read the product description and be able to communicate with the seller online by hitting the chat icon.

How to create an app similar to Letgo

However, all of those features are common in applications of this type. Letgo’s uniqueness lies in the technologies it employs to ensure the proper implementation of those services, as well as a few other factors:

Geotagging. The localization of the Letgo app’s market sets it apart from the competition. Of course, the user can define the region in which he searches for a product, but the program first looks for nearby offers. This simplifies the process of purchasing or selling products.

There are built-in chat rooms. Users can circumstantiate all of the deal’s specifics right from their phone, without having to call. Of course, such a feature simplifies the user experience.

Facebook integration is available. The registration procedure is made much easier with this functionality. In addition, this function allows users to share their classified ads with their Facebook connections.

Letgo’s sales have been a success.

Selling on Letgo is simple, but it doesn’t guarantee that everything you sell will sell — there are certain guidelines for successful Letgo transactions. First and foremost, a successful sale on Letgo depends on a well-designed product flypage. The goods must appear appealing, which necessitates that the vendor improves the photo. However, the flypage must be sufficiently informational.

Communication between the buyer and the seller is another important aspect of a successful transaction. The Letgo program includes an in-built chat feature that allows you to quickly and easily describe all of the essential data and set up a meeting.

Letgo also has a search feature that allows you to look up things by their names or categories, as well as the regions in which they are available.

Geotagging is another alternative that is beneficial to the consumers’ success. Letgo displays products in the customer’s immediate vicinity. However, you can alter the closeness radius. Let go, like many other similar apps, makes use of Google Maps. For various regions, the maps are convenient and well-detailed. The service, however, becomes costly after a certain amount of inquiries (not for the customer, but for the project).

  • Letgo is a shopping app.
  • Personalization is beneficial.

Localizations. You should consider language support if you plan to grow your project to different nations.

Push-notifications. Customers will find it to be a very handy alternative but keep in mind that neither Apple nor Google guarantee that all push notifications will be sent.

Other crucial elements of the system

The Letgo system is based mostly on one pillar: product images. Prepare to receive, store, and process large quantities of images when developing the Letgo clone app. As a result, you must be concerned about:

The servers that will store the photos;

Photographs are optimized. This is the most important option for the system to function properly. To ensure that the app’s operation is quick and error-free. You should do this by ensuring that the photo storage architecture is correct and that the photo sizes are optimized.

This is the web component. Your project, unlike the Letgo app, can have both a web panel and a web version. On the one hand, it will allow you to involve a few more people in your project (as not everyone is dependent on mobile devices, and some individuals only use computers for such things), and on the other hand, it will provide you with a handy method of project management. You may sort and block people, monitor, and filter classifieds, manage funds, and handle promotional actions using the admin web panel.

What kind of system architecture should you use?

Working with large amounts of data is the focus of the Letgo-like program. New users and their advertisements occur all the time, and every classified is about a photo, and if the photo is of great quality and desired, it indicates it’s not about the little size. Only a good data architecture on the server makes it possible for such a system to work quickly. The term “excellent data architecture” refers to data that is well-structured in accordance with the database’s inquiry structure: which data is frequently used and which is not.

  • There are four parts to the system architecture:
  • Servers for databases;
  • The back-end of the system;

The front-end (the system management panel); the back-end (the system management panel); and the back-end (the system management

Apps for mobile devices

As a result, the mobile app is only one component of a larger system, and in order to deliver excellent service, the remaining components must also be thoroughly examined. The API, which was built in tandem with the rest of the system, allows the system elements to ‘communicate’ with one another.

The app nativity is another crucial factor in ensuring that the app runs quickly. The user interface of the app should be simple and intuitive, as this will ensure the app’s rapid success. The nativity indicates that the app interface should be created according to iOS criteria when building for iOS, and the Android regulations should be followed while developing for Android.

How much does it cost to use an app like Letgo?

Answering the concerns above is especially crucial because developing such apps necessitates significant time and financial commitments. When it comes to time costs, developing an app for one platform (iOS or Android) will take anything from 150 to 340 hours. When it comes to the cost of product development, it is determined by the level of professionalism of the developers as well as their country of origin. A developer in the United States earns between $100 and $250 per hour, while a senior developer in Eastern Europe earns between $40 and $70 per hour.

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