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Must Visit Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Trekking,  backpack packing has become the most favorite weekend pastime for many enthusiasts. As soon as the weekend vibe strikes, many of them pack their bags and head up to the hills to explore the scenic landscaped mountains located in and around Mumbai city.

The best part about hiking or trekking near Mumbai is that there are a variety of trails that suit the trekking skill level of every person who wants to give it a shot. While you have some trails that are easy, wherein all you need to do is walk upstairs, there are also those trails that require skill and endurance. Here are the 5 best trekking destinations in Mumbai. 


1.kalsubai trek 


Kalsubai trek- this trek offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to attain the highest peak of Maharashtra which is famous for its natural habitat and breathtaking views. As you explore this vibrant Kalsubai sunrise trek, you will get to go and visit the Kalsubai temple during sunrise which is adorned by surreal greenery and a blissful surrounding.


This Trek offers an amazing panoramic view of several other mountain ranges like Alang, Mandangad, Kulang, Ratangad and Pabhargad, Ghanchakkar & Harishchandragad from its peak.

The lush green landscapes and multiple waterfalls during this 6.6 Km long trek to Kalsubai Temple is an enchanting experience. 


  1. Kanheri Caves Trail


Located in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali in Mumbai, the Kanheri Caves is one of the easiest trails in Mumbai. There isn’t any stressful climb, instead, you’ll walk through the forest that offers awe-striking views of the park and a small walk up a small cliff at the end of the trail.


If you are lucky enough you might even spot a few exotic birds on this trail. In the end, the trail has a few steps that lead to the entrance of the caves.


3. Shilonda Trail


This is yet another trail inside the beautiful Sanjay Gandhi National Park located at Borivali in Mumbai. The point at the end is actually the farthest point in the national park.


The trekking trail is ranked as one of the very easy ones to attempt; however, due to the distance you have to cover, it could be tough for some people as it involves a lot of walking and people who are not used to walking a lot Might feel this as a test to their legs.


4. Yeoor Hills


This trek is situated on the backside of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The Yeoor Hills in Thane is another destination in busy Mumbai that’s a great choice for a one-day trek.


Trailing up to the top of the Yeoor Hills will roughly take about 30 minutes, at a normal walking pace. you will get to see the panoramic views of the national park all through the way and you will also come across meddling streams that are an ideal pitstop for a break. From the top of the Yeoor Hills, you will get to have a striking view of Thane. The trek to Yeoor Hills has been graded as an easy trek, yet there are certain slippery spots along the way.


5. Chinchoti Trail

This trek is located in Vasai and has been graded as an easy trek. The trek to Chinchoti is a trek with several routes. Depending on your ability, you can pick the trail you want to trek through. If you are looking for a route that isn’t too complicated, pick the one that begins from Kaman Phata. This trail starts in a small village and takes you through a path that consists of small streams.


Once you cross the streams, you will be led through the pathway that is dense vegetation, which leads you straight to the falls. Just before the fall, there is a small pond where you can swim and add extra fun to your trek. If you are going on the weekend,  the pond might get very crowded.


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