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Everything You’d Wish to Understand About Bollards

Safety equipment isn’t just limited to body protection, detection systems, fire extinguishers, and evacuation routes. you’ll actually install several things around your location to reduce the risks or accidents that might happen. parking zone bollards or barriers are an efficient tool to reduce hazards on your premises. So to supply you an insight, here are some benefits of fixing bollards in your area. 

What Are Parking Bollards?

Parking bollards are small, functional poles that are installed in parking lots to protect people and infrastructure. Bollards are usually constructed of cast iron or steel and performance largely as a clear aid. 

Security or high-impact bollards are heavy-duty posts that are generally made up of steel pipes. to make them stand out, any variations are often completed with powder coating during a high-visibility hue.

How Many Bollards Should Be Installed?

The appropriate spacing varies relying on the appliance. and thus the number required is getting to be determined by the spacing. Bollards, as an example, are generally erected during a row at the storefront. Standard spacing of three to 5 feet between each post is common. On the other hand, the spacing may vary in places with heavy foot traffic.

Stops Through-Traffic

Drivers that use your property as a shortcut are often unsafe, creating needless traffic through your parking zone and facilities at unforeseen times. So, installing parking-bollards or a barrier eliminates the likelihood of through traffic, resulting in a safer zone with fewer dangers for an accident to occur. 

Pedestrian Safety

Wherever pedestrians inherit contact with traffic, the possibility of accidents that can happen increases dramatically. In terms of infrastructural requirements, pedestrians and traffic just don’t mix well. 

There are several instances where pedestrians are placed during a dangerous location, and even a low-speed accident may end in injury or death. Confusing crossing locations, unclear road signs, congested pedestrian crossings, and insufficient signals can all be dangerous.

Protect Infastructure

In some cases, parking bollards are used to protect expensive and unsafe infrastructure from damage by adding apparent height protection. as an example, yellow safety bollards 900 mm or greater tall are often used to safeguard gates, entryways, elevator wells, columns, gas and water pipelines, and other building infrastructure.

Parking-bollards are easy to ignore, but they seem to be a low-cost investment that can protect both people and goods.

Security Purposes

For areas that need security, a more robust bollard that’s resistant to strong impacts could also be an appropriate choice. Terrorism and vehicular crime are concerns that possess to be addressed. Areas where a high number of pedestrians congregate, also as storefronts of companies with valuable products, are often a gorgeous target. Government facilities, museums, military sites, schools, and banks are all samples of high-risk places.


Bollards are often a nuisance to some people, but installing them could save lives and protect you from any harm. Also, it’s best to consult the professionals before installing them to avoid any complications. Consider the type of bollard you wanted to place certain it to suit perfectly in your area.

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