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9 Essential Tips for Buying Persian Rugs

In decorating a home, think of the floor as the sixth wall. A bare floor will make your decor unbalanced and incomplete. Rugs are the best way to give your dull floors style and statement. The best material and right size rug multiply the beauty of your surroundings. we’ll discuss quick tips for buying Persian rugs in this article. For getting a rug, make sure it is going easy with the furniture and interior theme. Whether vintage or modern, rugs are the comfortable addition to your dream corner in the abode. While the modern rug is easy to shop for, Persian or vintage rug is hard to get and identify.

Persian Rugs

Persian-style rugs have their origin in Iran. They are also famous as Iranian rugs. It is a traditional rug made of silk or wool. The best quality Persian design is hand-woven and is renowned for its rich color palette and geometrical designs. Persian rugs are known for their unique designs and stories in crafting. Its making takes many days and is hand-woven on a loom. These rugs are famous for their colors, patterns, and fine artistry. Its distinguished designs make it an elegant addition to your room décor. Nomads traditionally made these rugs in the desert of Iran, but now they are crafted using modern machinery.

Tips Of Buying Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are the oldest traditional rugs. They are rich in color and pattern. It has a hugely diverse market and comes in various designs. Here are some tips to make the task of buying the best Persian rug easy.

Knots Count

A Persian rug is handwoven. It is hand-crafted on a loom. The best way to identify if it’s handmade or machine-made is to count the knots. Turn the back of the rug, and a handwoven will have a softback with more giant knots. The number of knots in a Persian rug is 120 knots per square inch. The knots per inch are almost impossible to count. So, the best way is to find out its knot category. The higher the knots per inch, the better your rug quality and durability. Also, knots in the Persian design rugs are from the warp, not from the weft.

Cotton or Wool?

The difference between wool and cotton Persian style rugs is that the former will have more durability and better resilience to wear and tear. Also, since sisal is an agave plant fiber that can be used to make carpets, they are durable rugs with natural golden color. Choosing area rugs is also important when it comes to buying rugs. You can choose between silk, cotton, nylon, or wool Persian rugs depending on the use of your rug.

Dyes of the Rug

Light colors are preferable for Persian rugs as they don’t show dirt easily. But if you have pets or children running around, dark-colored ones with strong patterns can serve your purpose well too! Moreover, darker colors highlight the beautiful designs on them better than any other shades of color. Also, rugs with bright and vibrant colors can catch the eye of anyone who enters your home. The size, color, and pattern all work together to make an impressive piece for your house or office space!

Fringe Quality

The finest Persian design rugs do not have fringes due to their high thread counts, making them expensive. These types of rugs can be easily identified by their fine weave. If the rug has a fringe, it means that it is not of high quality! The fringe of the rug will be thick, uneven, and may even start to fray. Even though some people like having these fringes on their tips for buying Persian rugs because it is more traditional, they are not considered appropriate for new age homes. So if you want a rug with good quality, then do not get one that has the thicker fringe – always look for ones without fringes.

Design of the Rug

Another thing to look out for when buying Persian area rugs is the design of the rug. When buying a Persian carpet, it needs to be in proportion with your room and walls where you plan on hanging them. The size should also match with furniture pieces such as sofas, tables, or even chairs! If there are not enough matching pieces, you can always buy a matching coffee table or side table. The rug design should also be in line with the color of your room and furniture. If you have a bright purple sofa, for instance, then avoid getting a Persian rug that has the orange or red design to it – this will make things too overwhelming!

Story And Culture

Every Persian rug has a story and meaning crafted on it. Crafters weave the story in the process, which tells about the tribe’s traditions and folk stories. They use symbols as story-telling in the weaving. Every sign and color has its meaning. The story is not limited to one meaning. The story has multiple meanings, which are clear only by the crafters who weave it. The color of Persian rugs is also significant in its beauty and symbolism. Different colors have different values, so choose your rug according to how much you want to spend on it!

Back Of The Rug

While buying a Persian rug, check the back of the rug. A handwoven will be softback with big knots, while a machine-made one has many knots. Also, the back shows the repairs to the carpet. Big repairs in a rug make it short-term. That’s why you should avoid a rug with a repair.

Material Of The Rug

Persian rugs are made of natural fibers like wool, silk, or woolen-silk. Wool material is more common and traditional. A rug made of wool is matte, while a silk one is shiny. Wools quality also depends on sheep breed. The right material gives the carpet a classic look and soft texture.

Rich Color Palette

Tips for buying Persian rugs come in a rich color palette. It comes in blues, red and maroon. Moreover, The rich colors show the culture of the Middle east. A blue indicates the infinite blue sky in the desert, red shows the palace interior and Arabs culture, while dusty brown indicates the desert’s heat and color.

In Conclusion

The Persian design and color palette is the most important thing while buying a Persian rug. It shows the quality and artistic design, which gives an elegant look to any room. So if you are planning to buy one for your home or office, follow these tips and get the best value for money! At RugKnots you can find amazing collection of persian design rugs.


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