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How to prepare your child for self-directed learning in CBSE school?

As a CBSE students, kids can develop self-direction as one of the most significant abilities they can have. To have a meaningful educational experience in Abu Dhabi School, kids must learn to identify what interests them enough to pursue it wholeheartedly, dive deep into the process of learning, and emerge with way more knowledge than they began within the first place. Let’s talk about how they can be encouraged towards the growth of self-direction in learning and some simple measures that any adult can do in today’s era of increasing expectations and educational pressure.

4 ways to encourage the child for self-directed learning in CBSE school

Have faith in them

Children are intelligent and capable beings. Their fascination with the color red, fire trucks, and sticks could be a symptom of a deeper challenge they’re dealing with. Provide them space and trust them to determine what and when they need to focus on. You’re reassuring kids that the things they’re interested in are significant and that it’s okay to spend time exploring those interests.

Let them learn freely

It’s easy to feel obligated to do something to ensure that the children are learning. We inquire about the color, shape, and texture of the toys they enjoy playing with. We are micromanaging their play and distracting them from their own objectives and tasks when we do this. Children’s play is their significant work. Allow them to work uninterrupted as a way of demonstrating that you respect their choices and interests.

Stop chiding them to be vigilant 

To understand how their bodies work, how far they can push themselves, and what happens when gravity is defied, children must run, jump, leap, throw, soar, and fall. Self-directed learners must completely experience life in order to determine which paths they are interested in exploring as well as which paths, they are really not willing to pursue. Instead of continuously throwing caution, sometimes it’s better to just let them be. Step away from the playground equipment while you’re at. When children are given the freedom to explore their potential without interference, they learn their limits as well as how to push themselves. Self-directed learners benefit greatly from self-awareness and a willingness to take risks.

Stop criticizing or praising them too much

The last one is difficult, but it is necessary. Even if you have the best intentions at heart, this might backfire. Internal motivation, not external praise, drives the interests of self-directed learners. Praise or criticism of their work on a regular basis does not help them create that internal motivation. Instead of criticizing your child’s work, make observations or have a conversation with them about it. It can help to keep the focus on the child’s individual efforts and passions.

Each and every person can take ideas and learn from the suggestions above. The above-mentioned ideas have can have a great and deep impact on the self-directed learner. So, they learn to trust their instincts, value their own interests, and pursue the things that enthrall them. The CBSE school children are given the liberty and trust as they explore their world and their unique interests is the ideal approach to encourage self-direction in education and shine brightly being a student of Abu Dhabi schools

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