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Types of Health Insurance


Health Insurance in Pakistan. Health insurance provides you coverage that covers any individual who is paying an amount to the insurer to get the cost for medical and surgical expenses. However, it depends on the type of health insurance coverage. In certain conditions, the insurer makes payments directly to the policy provider.


The term health insurance means that the provider is a clinic, hospital, doctor, laboratory, health care, practitioner, or pharmacy. Moreover, the insured is the owner of the health insurance policy that facilitates the policyholder when claiming.

Why do we need Health Insurance?

Expenses that come from health care increased over the years. You may require a lot of money if a medical case becomes complicated. It may take longer for the treatment of disease for instance cancer. In such cases, the treatment threatens your lifestyle by taking all your savings. If an illness or disease hits your family member or child, in that case, all of your savings will go into financing treatment.

All of the above situations that we discuss are highly stressful and difficult to handle. However, if you have a health insurance plan you don’t need to worry about financial difficulties and focus on getting the right treatment. Best Health Insurance Plan in Pakistan. As Health Insurance policy plan is capable of handling all your medical expenses.

Types of Best Health Insurance in Pakistan:

Health Maintenance Organization:

Health Maintenance Organization or HMO provide local doctors to participate in it. These types of health insurance plans require policyholders to choose a PCP. PCP stands for Primary Care Provider. It is a home base medical care. Furthermore, they provide a referral in-network specialist. However, the cost for an HMO plan is typically lower than other types of health insurance plans.



This plan is effective because it covers all medical and non-medical costs. Under this health plan loss of income during hospitalization will be covered. However, the number of days in a policy year and eligibility for claiming the benefit.


This plan is effective if a person has predefined critical illnesses and medical procedures. This illness is specified at the outset. Typically, critical illnesses are high severity due to which the cost of treatment is also high compared to other regular medical problems.

Premium vs Features:

This is a very important comparison. The feature of this policy is to provide the policy should play a very important role in Health Insurance policy. The key point is to identify the coverage which the policyholder wants to take. However, it depends on the coverage, the premium should be compared with other health insurance plans after that you should select the insurance plan.

Pre-Existing Disease:

Pre-Existing Disease means that someone is suffering from some disease before buying the health insurance plan. However, this policy has a waiting period that ranges between 2-4 years. During this period policyholder cannot make any claim arising on the account of his pre-existing disease.


Typically, when a person purchases a health insurance plan, he might feel relaxed. Most of us ignore the exclusion section of our health insurance policy. if read the exclusion section you might be surprised at the time of claim. So, be very vigilant before finalizing a health insurance plan.

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