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Top Online Strategy Games for PC

Here is the best collection of the Online Strategy Games for PC


Stronghold Kingdoms is a spin-off of the legendary game Stronghold released as an online strategy game. Like the original, most of the time here is spent managing your own medieval castle, which needs to be strengthened, decorated and developed. Some of the game mechanics of the single have migrated to the online version, only the economic system has noticeably changed (there are no production chains now, and trading does not happen instantly) and the variety of units (now there are only five types).

Instead, for the first time in the series, a division of the map into 3 levels (Strategic map – Village – Castle) and a technology tree appeared. A noticeable difference between Stronghold Kingdoms and other medieval online strategies is the vassalage system – weak players can recognize the strong as their overlords, receiving protection from them. The game will not be a discovery for you in terms of graphics, but you can play for free and in English.


The topic of World War I is rarely covered in games, but Supremacy 1914 offers you to dive into that difficult period right now, for free and in the browser. On one map, up to 500 people can fight here at the same time – everyone leads their country, is engaged in production, trains troops and carries out strategic maneuvers alone or in alliance with other gamers.

The game is trying to be realistic – for example, the movement of combat units is close to real and depends on the distance, and the troops are create with an eye to history. Even more – there is an experimental weapon of that time, which was never use.


With Gauls bosom friends – Asterix and Obelix – you are probably already familiar. In this online strategy game, they continue to do what they love – beating the Romans and having fun in the countryside, in which you will accompany them.

Asterix & Friends is not a revolutionary strategy and offers mechanics that have already been studied inside and out – building and upgrading buildings, quests, automatic battles. But the game attracts with rather bright graphics, as if in front of us is another cartoon about our favorite characters.


Starcraft 2 definitely deserves to be include in the list of the best online strategy games. Its developers faced a difficult task – both to avoid accusations of copying the original “old man” and not to scare off the already established community, especially the esports one, with too many innovations. And judging by the fact that most of the professionals still switched to the sequel, the developers coped with their task.

They succeeded largely due to the fact that, while retaining the original rock-paper-scissors balance concept and most of the units, Blizzard significantly improved the graphics, finally screwed up the physics , added a lot of original units and abilities and several new mechanics.

Many changes in the game are aim at improving the convenience of the player – worker tasks can now be queue, and the limit of simultaneously allocate units has been raise to 500. So the continuation of the legend has every chance of becoming legendary itself.


Age of Empires 2 : HD is a re-release of the legendary game, released 14 years after the original. At one time, Age of Empires made a real revolution, becoming one of the first RTS and one of the first online strategies, and game mechanics from it were repeatedly copy by other games.

This game has little to surprise the modern gamer, but the HD re-release allows you to touch the legend and not suffer from sprite graphics and resolutions that are ridiculous for modern monitors . In addition, the game now supports Steam achievements and leaderboards, so besides the fun, hacking will also bring the opportunity to show off your progress.

But it’s still not worth starting immediately with multiplayer without playing a single player – game campaigns are quite informative and introduce facts from the lives of legendary historical figures, and mostly experienced players are sitting in the lobby, ready to eat an inexperienced beginner in a dozen or two minutes.


The main difference between this epic online RTS and most similar games is the dynamic selection of the playable nation right during the game. Each time your civilization reaches a new technological level, you can choose one of several proposed cultures for it. For example, moving from the Stone Age to Antiquity, it will be possible to choose between Europe and Asia. Having settled in Europe and moving into the Medieval period, we will be able to choose between Eastern and Western European cultures. Entering the Renaissance, we will be able to select a specific historical region (for example, Anglo-Saxon cultures). The final choice of the country becomes available in the industrial age.

Another feature of the game is a kind of battle royale mode , in which up to 62 gamers start a party at the same time, and the smallest country in terms of area is periodically destroy, which forces all party members to play as aggressively as possible.


Company of Heroes 2 is a controversial game from Relic Entertainment that combines controversial single-player coverage of World War II with great multiplayer. The coolness of Company of Heroes 2 as an online strategy is at least evidenced by the fact that the scandals around the game began only when professional critics got to it – ordinary players, for the most part, did not even start playing the single player campaign, completely immersed in the online 3d racing games unblocked.

And this is not surprising, because the battles in Company of Heroes 2 strategy games are very dynamic and rich, the game practically does not forgive mistakes and makes you think through every action. It not work here to win with a zerg rush – infantry without support is easily crush by tanks, snipers and machine gunners, tanks without cover become easy prey for anti-tank infantry, and so on. And the fighters left “in the open field” on winter maps can simply freeze.

GENERALS & RULERS Strategy games

This online variation on the gameplay of Europa Universalis invites gamers to participate in fast and dynamic sessions, each of which will last about 2-4 hours. During this time, you will have time to develop the science and economy of your chosen country, recruit an army and fight with rivals.

There are also such important aspects of state management as diplomacy, religion, espionage and even uprisings in the game. Of the unique mechanics, it is worth noting technologies that replenish armies for free at the beginning of the turn, and the ability to conduct devastating horse raids on enemy rear lines without entering into direct collisions with the main enemy army.



One of the most popular parts of the Total War series racing games unblocked strategy games, overgrown with a fantasy setting and opening up a whole universe to gamers, which other gamers have been reverently revealing for decades. Even if you are not familiar with Warhammer, this will not prevent you from enjoying epic and large-scale battles with bloodthirsty monsters and magic .

In addition to the single player campaign, WARHAMMER II offers gamers two online modes – co- op with a friend and rating matches for 8 people. You will always find rivals, because at the moment there are more than 10 thousand people online daily.

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