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Top 7 Mobile App Marketing Ideas to Follow in 2022

This Mobile app marketing idea will help your app to stand out from the crowd and will make it the most reliable choice among the users. So you are all set with your new app but confused about how to start with mobile app marketing ideas, well you have come to the right place. There are more than billions of applications but users won’t be downloading each and every one of them. However, the applications which have followed successful mobile app marketing are going to beat others who are not following the right mobile app marketing.

Here are Some Mobile App Marketing Ideas to Follow in 2022

1. Using Social Media Platforms at Higher Potential

Presently Indian social media platforms have more than billions of users. So without any doubt, you should also start promoting your app on social media. If you have an excellent social media presence, it will help you to target the right users. This will help them to find a channel through which they can connect, but eventually, in the long term, the process will lead to higher credibility for your app.

2. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a highly effective mobile app marketing idea. A blog can help you in posting regular updates about your mobile app and help your users by providing detailed information about how the application can add value to your life.

3. Create a Teaser of your App

Creating a teaser of your app will help you launch your app in the eyes of users. You can also add app features that are used in your app and present them in your teaser. A digital marketing agency can help you with the video accounting for your brand’s aesthetic.

4. Go for the App Reviews

App reviews can become a major marketing idea for attracting users. Many app review sites can help you publish your application. You can also gather some stunning and honest app reviews on your play store or app store too.

5. Go for Unique Infographics of Your App

The concept of an infographic is based on how a user can understand all the information in a simpler way which can be very complex to understand. Visualize and create your infographic with quality elements. You can share these infographics with various writers, bloggers, and across various social media sites.

6. Define the Value of Your App

There are times when you get soo busy with your mobile app marketing idea that you don’t think about how the app is providing value to the user’s life. This is the most crucial element. Defining how your app will solve people’s problems can help you attract more and more users.

7. Start a Community

Starting a community will help you be around people of your interest. The shared interest between the people who are into the same things on which you are focusing can help you in making your app gain a lot of value in the time being.


Summing up, here are 7 mobile app marketing ideas that will help you in leveling up your marketing game. Let us know which marketing idea is the most powerful marketing idea that helped your app gain success.

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