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Tips to Find a Perfect Student Accommodation Cairns

Welcome to Cairns! While this city might be best known for its beautiful, natural environment and amazing coastline, it also has a lot to offer the student looking for an education. The University of Cairns (UC) is a small, yet strong university that offers degrees in a wide range of different fields. This article will give you the essential information you need to know to make your study abroad educational and exciting. Whether you’re looking for the best places to eat, party, relax or study; we’ve got that covered.

Cairns has three higher education institutions: James Cook University, CQUniversity Cairns and the Cairns Clinical School also reside in the city. The University of Cairns is located in North Queensland, Australia near the Great Barrier Reef.

UC offers a wide variety of courses for students to choose from. The courses offered at these universities are Nursing, Teaching, Tropical Health & Medicine, Agriculture, Marine Science, Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality, Engineering, Creative Arts, Research, Business, and more. As a result, students who live in Cairns often opt to commute to the University of Cairns rather than live on campus (although there are plenty of dorms available).

Essential Tips to Find a Perfect Student Accommodation in Cairns:

Location of the apartment:

Where exactly is your new home located? Distance between the apartment and the University of Cairns should be the main criteria for choosing a place to live. Some students prefer living closer to campus, others – further away. It’s up to you which option you choose but keep in mind that there are pros and cons associated with each of them. If you’re living close to the University you won’t have to spend so much time commuting, but it also means that prices are higher.

Size of the apartment:

The next main thing you should decide on is the size of your future home. How much space do you really need? Just to be sure, check out all the options to see how many square feet each apartment has. If you’re living alone or with one other roommate it’s better to go for a studio type of apartment, but if you have a family then going for a one-bedroom apartment is the best option.

Type of accommodation:

In Cairns, there are plenty of student apartments to choose from. In order to make the right decision you should ask yourself a few questions: do I mind sharing common spaces? Do I need a garden, balcony or a room for study? How important is it for me to have my own bathroom and kitchen? Knowing what exactly you’d like to have in your new home will make the process of choosing much easier. There are different benefits of selecting a private apartment, studio, and shared accommodation.


Once you’ve shortlisted the right neighborhood and found an apartment that suits your needs, it’s time to negotiate on the price. If you’re living alone or with one other person the price shouldn’t be too high; finding perfect student accommodation Cairns will be much easier this way. Don’t worry about getting charged higher prices because of your young age; if you’re a student you can qualify for discounts.


In addition to the price and size of the apartment, also consider its amenities. In order to make your life easier, there should be certain amenities that must be offered such as beds, a table, chairs, a self-contained kitchen, a washing machine, etc. Also look for proximity to supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, banks, pharmacies, healthcare centers/clinics, bus stations, etc.

All-inclusive deals:

If prices are the main concern and finding an affordable place is difficult, you should think about getting an all-inclusive deal. Universityliving offer this type of agreement so it’s a great way of cutting down on your expenses. In some cases, you can find all-inclusive deals right from the start, which include the cost of gas, heating water, electricity, WiFi, etc.


If you’re concerned about the safety of your new home, keep in mind that the neighborhood can be crucial. It’s better to go for an apartment located in a safe place with no history of crime. Also consider if there are any bars/restaurants or even nightlife places nearby. You should always stay away from noisy areas because it will be impossible to study or sleep comfortably.

The best way of finding perfect student accommodation in Cairns is looking online. Where you can find all the information you need about different apartment complexes. Listings are diverse so it won’t take long before choosing the one that best suits your needs. As you review each option remember to keep an eye out for any hidden fees and ask about all the amenities on offer. Location, size, and type of accommodation are the three most important things when looking for student housing in Cairns. After you’ve taken care of these three main criteria it’s time to go check out all the available options.

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