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The Jelly Bean Circle Of The Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master 40 Watch Is Very Special

I believe everyone has seen and eaten colorful jelly beans,but have you ever seen “jelly beans” inlaid on a watch?The new Yacht-Master 40 launched by replica rolex in 2017 did just that.

This is the first time that Rolex’s classic nautical watch was unveiled as a jewel-encrusted model.

Such a creative approach caused quite a stir at Baselworld.

  • The consistent design style of replica Rolex watches is “stable,practical and not flashy”.
  • The Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master watch has unique personality,excellent functions and solid reliability,and is an essential Rolex watch for water sports and sailing.
  • This subversive traditional “Jelly Bean Circle” Yacht-Master is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in imitazioni rolex design.

So what’s so special about it?

Let’s take a look at the highlights of this lovely “jelly bean circle”.

replique rolex

The gem-set bezel is as gorgeous as a rainbow

When looking at replique Rolex’s latest watch this year,

the “little jelly bean” with a strong sense of color really makes me unable to move my eyes away.

  1. The pavé colored gemstones and turquoise on the outer ring of the case sparkle.
  2. A white triangle-cut diamond is also inlaid at the 12 o’clock position.

You must know that the diamonds and gemstones used in Rolex are of the highest grade,and they must be selected according to strict standards.

  • The colorful bezel composed of gemstones of different colors and regular placement is dazzling,like a rainbow,with a bright surface Black dial,very nice.

At the same time,the outer ring of the two-way rotating scale reflects the indissoluble bond that replica Rolex has formed with the maritime industry since the 1950s.

The symbol of waterproof – Rolex Oyster case

The replica Rolex Oyster case invented in 1926 can be said to be an important milestone in the history of watchmaking.

  • It has perfect proportions and elegant shape.At least up to 100 meters.

The middle case is cast from a solid piece of 18ct eternal rose gold,which is patented by replica rolex to keep the color bright for a long time.

The standard triangular bottom cover of the rolex Oyster is tightly screwed into the middle case to completely seal the case.

The winding crown composed of nearly ten parts is the first waterproof crown created by replica Rolex.

The winding crown of this replica watch has a triple buckle and triple waterproof system,which is firmly rotated on the case.

The waterproof performance can directly compare with the hatch of a submarine.

  • Moreover,the crown is also protected by the crown shoulder guard,
  • which is integrated with the middle case to add another layer of protection for waterproofing,
  • which perfectly interprets the attitude of Rolex people to strive for perfection.

The watch mirror is made of anti-scratch sapphire crystal,and a small window convex lens also made of sapphire crystal is added at the 3 o’clock position.

The small window convex lens with double anti-reflective coating not only ensures clearer reading of the date,

but also The distinctive Rolex logo is easily recognizable even from a distance.

Mechanical movement with automatic winding

  1. This “Jelly Bean Circle” yacht watch is equipped with a 3135 self-winding mechanical movement.
  2. As a pioneer in watch research and development,Rolex has fully developed all its important parts by the brand itself.
  3. This movement is no exception.
  4. Its precise structure can ensure accurate and reliable timing of the watch.

replica rolex

Rolex patented blue Parachrom hairspring

The hairspring balance wheel assembly is the “heart” of the watch.

This watch is equipped with the blue Parachrom hairspring patented by Rolex.

  • This hairspring is not affected by the magnetic field,and can remain stable under temperature changes,
  • and its shock resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional hairsprings.
  • Its optimized Rolex end hairspring curve can help improve the isochronism of the swing at any position.
Patented Rolex Oysterflex strap
  1. 1.The strap of this Yacht-Master 40 is different from other rubber straps.
  2. It is equipped with the Oysterflex strap developed and patented by Rolex.
  3. The subtlety is that the outer layer is injection-molded with high-performance black rubber clad,
  4. The inside is made of super-elastic metal sheet,which is durable and maintains the shape of the strap,the rubber strap can also give the wearer a comfortable wearing experience.
  5. The strap is equipped with an 18ct eternal rose gold oyster safety buckle,which can prevent the buckle from being opened accidentally.
  • Such a sophisticated design is easy to operate,and most importantly,it is safe and reliable.
  • Rolex replica always insists that no matter in any environment and in any field,
  • it is a laboratory for testing the technical performance of watches, just like all Rolex watches.
  • This precision watch has also passed a series of tests in the Rolex field test laboratory and obtained the top-level observatory certification laid by Rolex replica in 2015.

However, the emergence of new things will always be subject to controversy and doubt.

Some people think that the design of this “jelly bean circle” is contrary to tradition and has lost the brand characteristics of the replica Rolex.

And I think that in the continuous development of Rolex replica,

it should always extract its essence and discard its dross, and strive for innovation while adhering to tradition.

“Jelly bean ring” can be changed in appearance while ensuring the high precision and durability of replique rolex.

It can be regarded as a “legend”.

I believe that things that can stand the test of time are always good.

Superb and reliable, Rolex watches are designed for everyday wear and, depending on the model, a wide variety of sports and activities.

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