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The Best iPad Apps You Should Install in 2023

Almost anything can be accomplished with the right app on the iPad. You can work or play with little or no compromise on any iPad, whether it’s a traditional iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Air.

Are you looking for a way to get things done while working from home? As soon as you have to move away from your desktop or laptop, the iPad becomes your mobile office suite. Looking for something to watch this weekend? As the kids hog the flat screen, the iPad is the perfect portable television for watching the latest shows. Are you interested in painting, drawing, or illustrating? An iPad is now more powerful and more affordable than ever with the right apps and the Apple Pencil. There is no end to the list. It can be challenging to find apps worth downloading with so many options available to you.

Here is a roundup of the best of the best. Hundreds of iPad apps have been tested and the best have been highlighted. It is possible to find user reviews in the App Store if you’re gluttonous for punishment, but that takes time. Rather than rushing through this guide, take your time and enjoy it.

This guide contains the following information

This guide features iPad apps that are natively built for iPadOS, which means that they deliver tablet-based experiences that are uniquely compelling to iPad users, which is distinct from iPhone apps running on bigger screens. In addition, we have included links to detailed reviews where they are available. In spite of the fact that we have not reviewed every app in this list, we have given them a thorough review after spending a significant amount of time playing with them.

This guide does not include the following:

Preinstalled apps and games are not included in The Best iPad Apps. Default iPad apps are not included because they are easily accessible. You can find them on the iPad’s home screen, they are already available to you. There are two reasons why we haven’t included the latter one in this list: we have already written dedicated iPad games reviewed in this article. A board game app article is even available on our website. Have you ever wondered what apps you can download for your other devices? With our roundups of the top Android games and apps, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Illustrator Adobe

Apple’s iPad is the only device that supports Adobe Illustrator, the company’s exclusive vector graphics program. Adobe initially released Photoshop for the iPad with few features, making it difficult to use. It wasn’t Adobe’s intention to suffer the same kind of criticism that Photoshop did when it was released on the iPad. The Illustrator for iPad app is jam-packed with features that let you masterfully create on the go, based on more than 1,200 beta tester requests.

A Lightroom application

Today’s professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom as their go-to application for digital photo workflows and editing. However, there are times when you might feel more comfortable editing photos sitting on a sofa or on a train rather than at your desk. Using the Lightroom iPad app, you can perform all these things and more by working directly with raw camera files, performing local adjustments, and making use of lens-profile corrections within the app. As one of the most popular photo editing apps for mobile devices, Lightroom has emerged as a powerhouse in the market.

Mix Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Mix is one of Adobe’s most interesting photo-related apps available on iTunes. With this application, you get some of the most powerful tools available in Photoshop, all in an easy-to-use iPad application. From someone who wants to simply make collages using Photoshop to a more hard-core image editor who wants to use iPads in their workflows, Photoshop Mix appeals to a wide cross-section of users.

GarageBand for Apple

With Apple’s GarageBand app, the iPad has become a viable tool for composing music, thanks in large part to its own version, which is an entry-level, seminal digital audio editing software powered by Apple. 

Aside from piano roll-style note editing, GarageBand offers a diverse sound palette, additional recording capabilities, and an expanded sound library. Even third-party instrument apps can be used with GarageBand to record and edit audio.

iMovie by Apple

iMovie is Apple’s own video editing app, which is ideal for those who want to edit videos on tablet PCs. With this affordable iPad app, you can create trailers, create studio logos, save videos in 4K resolution, and share projects between iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch wirelessly.

Synthesizer Arturia iMini

In order to beat Moog itself, Arturia has released a virtual Minimoog that is a true representation of the real instrument. In addition to its useful additional features, this synth app features a polyphonic mode and an arpeggiator, which are important.


CapCut is a video editing application for smartphones that was developed by the makers of TikTok. TikTok creators looking to level up their videos will find this free upgrade to be ideal. It features a longer time limit and enhanced editing options.


The iPad Pro’s features, including Apple Pencil support, make Procreate an ideal app for digital artists. The Procreate app allows you to draw, paint, and illustrate any way you can imagine. In addition, there are 136 different types of brushes available, continuous auto-save, and high-resolution canvas options.


Duolingo is without a doubt the best app for learning and practicing languages on the iPad. There are now a couple of dozen languages available, ranging from Danish to Vietnamese, in the app in the past few years. The Duolingo Plus tier, for Rs. 2,877 removes ads and lets you download lessons to study offline. You can still use Duolingo for free, but you now have the option of using it for Rs. 2,877.

Google Earth

The cost of traveling is high. There is no doubt that Google Earth is not free. The satellite and aerial imagery of Coney Island and London are just a few clicks away when you type a location like “Coney Island.” Wikipedia articles that are geo-located provide further information.


Among its many offerings is bootleg music, conspiracy theories, Let’s Players, ASMR whispering, and cat videos, and they are now available for free on the iPad. You can watch original YouTube series, listen to ad-free YouTube Music tunes, and stream videos ad-free with the YouTube Premium service.

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