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How to Reduce High Beam Glare When Driving at Night?

The bane of every person who drives at night is not the lack of natural sunlight but the high beam glare from the other vehicles. Whether you are driving a bike or a car, you will be blinded by the vehicles from the other side. One of the essential things about safe driving is accepting that you can only control how you drive, not the others. If people are driving with high beam lights, you will need to manage it on your end. One way, and the most popular of them, is to use night vision glasses for driving. These glasses have an anti-glare function in their design. They help reduce the glare so you can drive more comfortably. How do they do that? Let’s take a look at how night driving glasses work. 


Night Vision Glasses: What are they and how do they Work? 

Night Vision Glasses

Driving is one of those activities that require active attention. If you are not paying constant attention, you can meet with an accident. It’s difficult because you are managing many parts: steering wheel/handle, brake, accelerator, and gear, while also scouting the road ahead for other vehicles and potholes to drive around. This is why, as you age, the expiry period of your driving licence becomes shorter, and you need to retake tests to prove you can still drive. Driving at night becomes even more difficult. Even many experienced drivers avoid it when they can. But not everyone can avoid night driving. It may be they have to drive due to work. 

Nevertheless, whatever the reason for driving, night driving glasses have proven helpful for this. The lenses used in these glasses have an anti-glare coating that reduces the impact of high beam glare from the oncoming vehicles to make your driving easier. These are multi-purpose glasses because high beam glare is not the only inconvenience while driving at night. Let’s take a look at some other benefits of night glasses. 


Other Benefits of Night Glasses

Other Benefits of Night Glasses 

  1. Hydrophobic

Driving at night, especially a bike, can sometimes be foggy, and that fog can accumulate on your glasses. The last thing you would want to avoid high beam glare is to be inconvenienced by water droplets on your lenses. The night driving glasses are hydrophobic. They do not allow water droplets to stick to the lenses. Therefore, even when driving, you will not have water droplets on the lenses. 


  1. Anti-Reflective 

Another problem people face while driving: the lights from other vehicles are reflected in the mirrors. If glares are an inconvenience caused mostly by vehicles from the opposite lane, light reflection is an issue caused by vehicles in your lane. Night driving glasses are also anti-reflective. This means you don’t have to worry about reflections while driving at all. 


  1. UV Protection  

Although night vision glasses are designed for night driving, that is not their only purpose. Night driving glasses also have a UV protection coating. You can wear them even during the day to protect your eyes from the harm of the sun’s UV rays. 

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