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How to Match your Sneakers in a Different Outfit

Previously trainers were reserved the track and field events and episodes of Seinfeld, but nowadays, sneakers are a central component of most wardrobes. With a good pair of sneakers, you can dress for almost any occasion as they match almost many any costumes perfectly. There are different outfit ideas that you can use to match your attire with sneakers.

Take a look at the below-mentioned points on how to match your sneakers in different outfits perfectly to get the best look.

Keep it simple as possible

When you prefer to wear sneakers, it is not just difficult to overdo with them. If you are going to a smart casual event where everyone is in dress shoes, and you are the one in sneakers, it might be easy to try and compensate with an outlandish combination of attire. But it is not essential to go overboard to get the perfect mix.

It is recommended to avoid wearing sneakers with business outfits except for when it is truly the right moment. Some shoes go best with casual outfits, whereas minimal sneakers work well with smart-casual looks. It is ideal for matching your dress to sneakers shoes for men using complementary colours to keep a good balance. You can use complementary colours unless you are going all black.

Wear the right trousers

Though you have the perfect pair of sneakers shoes for men, you can mess up how they look with the wrong pair of trousers. On the other hand, you might have the right pair of trousers that simply don’t match your shoes. So you need to look out for is cuff width. It is best to have the right balance between trouser cuff width and the size of your sneakers. If you have the cuff that sits too wide over your trainers will cover them too much, and with narrow cuffs, it is vice versa.

You can prefer straight leg trousers for chunky sneakers since they work well with them. Slim fit for sneakers will hug your feet, and even you can show off your kicks. For maximum effect, you can pin roll your trousers with chunky sneakers.

Prioritise the socks

When you are looking to purchase sneakers shoes for men, it will not just stop at just selecting the actual sneakers. This is because you need to think about your entire outfit and prioritise the sock, which is a very important part of it. With the pair of socks, you can either make or break your entire outfit. There are some ideal combinations that help your clothing match seamlessly to the sneakers that you have selected.  

Normally, you should not wear white sneakers with black socks and vice versa. If you are wearing business casual outfits or anything dressier, you can prefer ankle socks. You can pick regular tennis socks when you are at the gym, and feel free to pair your sneaker boots with a thicker pair of knit socks to protect your feet from the cold. If you are wearing rocking skate shoes, you can go for something a bit more multicoloured or wild.

Strike the right balance

You need to get the right balance when you don a pair of statement sneakers. To make your footwear match your attire, the key is to get the perfect balance which means handing over all the attention to your feet. The easiest way to strike the right balance is to dress down perfectly. Colours and patterns, along with regular items like jeans and shirts, will make sure that the focus is directed to the outlandish sneakers you are wearing. If you are not sure about the look, you can do a little experiment before you grab your shoes for casual shirts for men

Go high and low

One of the best ways of achieving the right balance is to offset the casualness of your sneakers with a more proper outfit. Matching high with low will show a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of confidence in your own taste. Throwing on some retro sneakers is the best option to create contrast. The sneaker will offer a nice kick of nostalgia and also the best highlight to add to the contemporary look. When you are wearing sneakers, you can go for skinny jeans and a neatly cut overcoat.

Know when to keep it simple

Wearing footwear for men can be relatively easy to work into a variety of outfits. Sneakers not only look best in chinos and jeans, so it is not required to go always for a high low combination with minimal trainers. You can go for the combination of simple lines and subdued colours to get the best look.

Summing it up

By now, you might get the best and various outfit ideas to match your sneakers to their best. You can follow these outfit ideas to make a perfect and attractive look with your attire. Take your time and try out the look to select the best one.

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