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Get an Entry into The Best BBA Colleges in the UK

BBA or Bachelors in business administration is an undergraduate degree course of three to four years that teaches you how an organisation functions and how the different wings of business run. The most exclusive part of studying in the UK is getting access to research-based knowledge and practical experience with industry exposure during your course. Universities in the UK are world-famous for being research-centric. Their modules are delivered by guest lecturers, industry experts, and seminars and internship possibilities while you are still in the college pursuing your courses.

Some of the areas that you will cover in your degree include business strategy, business growth, accounting and finance, entrepreneurial strategy and understanding among others. While studying in any university in the UK, you get to develop your team skills and interpersonal skills that will help you when you join any organisation. You learn the skills that are in demand when you appear for an interview.

Most universities offer placement opportunities in the third year of your BBA degree course in the UK. These opportunities are internship chances that help you to understand the practical skills associated with your degree. With this, you add credible points to your application which further enhance your CV and chances of employment.

With an undergraduate degree in BBA, you get eligible for jobs and positions like analyst, marketing manager, finance manager, human resource analyst, business analyst and more. A business graduate from any top-tier institute is always in demand, making it easy for you to get a job right after your degree completion.

You can join any sector like finance, accounting or IT because business wings are present in every company for you to get in.

The universities in London are ideal for international students because of no language barrier. Also, London is awarded as being the best city for students because of the locals’ great atmosphere and accepting nature. You learn and grow magnificently with this kind of environment even though the cultures vary tremendously in the UK and India.

Eligibility criteria for BBA in the UK

International students highly prefer the universities in the UK because of the amazing reputation that the institutions in the UK have. Most universities have only the general entry requirements for any undergraduate degree but some of the colleges might require special documents or online interviews before sending you an invitation letter.

Here is the list of all the eligibility criteria that you need to fit in before applying for BBA courses in the universities:

  • A minimum score of 60% in your 10+2 examination, with all relevant certificates that you need to show at the time of applying for the university.
  • Valid scores in the entry-level examinations both course-specific and English language-specific.
  • SOP or personal essay to show your interest in studying at the specific university or course.

There might be other requirements as well like a letter of reference from your educators among others to get your application through the screening process. Many times students get rejected just because they fail to properly submit an application, to avoid this you should always consult experts before submitting your application. For this, you can contact SI-UK for guidance and authenticity.

Best BBA Universities in the UK

The business schools in the UK are best in all regards and are often secure the top positions of relevant and popular ranking system that are released year after year. We have finalised the top universities that we think are ideal for those who are thinking of pursuing their bachelor’s degrees in the UK. Here are the top BBA universities in the UK that one can choose from:

  • University of Strathclyde
  • Birkbeck University of London 
  • Kingston University
  • Hult International Business School
  • University of Gibraltar
  • University of Essex
  • IPAG Business School
  • Coventry University
  • Heriot-Watt University

If you wish to know about each university’s specific requirements, you can visit our website where we have an inventory of hundreds of colleges. You can find the exact requirements and course details for the mentioned universities. This can help you to save time and get all the required information in one place. You can alternatively get in touch with our experts who thoroughly understand the procedures and requirements of each institute in the UK.

Cost of studying in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK varies highly because of the different models and infrastructure the universities have. You can find affordable and expensive courses both in the UK but don’t fret because affordable universities do provide quality education in every regard.

If you plan to study BBA in the UK, the minimum cost of tuition fee will be between £5,000 to £27,000 per academic year.

Scholarships for Indian students

Bright students who cannot afford education in the UK shouldn’t be disheartened because studying in the UK is now easy no matter what your financial background. With so many scholarships currently accepting applications from the students, there are still chances that you make it to your dream university without hampering your budget or dreams.

Many university or government-funded scholarships are available for Indian students that offer partial or full fee waivers. On top of this, you also get flight tickets, monthly expenditures and other benefits for the completion of your degree in the UK in some of these grants.

Some of the scholarships that are ideal for Indian students who wish to study in the UK are:

  • BrokerFish International Student Scholarship
  • QS Scholarships
  • Scholarships from Kingston University London

If you have any questions regarding scholarships for studying in the UK, get in touch with SI-UK.

Why study in the UK?

The universities offering degrees in the UK shape an individual in such a way that they become the leaders of tomorrow. These courses allow the students to make decisions without doubting their abilities because of the atmosphere they learn in these universities. Research-based models and study patterns are used by educators, which helps the students to think out of the box and gain practical insights apart from understanding theoretical concepts.

If you are not sure where you would fit in if you decide to study in the UK then do not waste your time pondering over which university to choose. You should book a free consultation with SI-UK and one of our highly experienced education consultants will get in touch with you.

We can help you with your visa application process because you would need to present a lot of documents for getting a visa in one go. Many times due to silly mistakes students often get rejected. So to avoid this and save time we can help you to get through the process instantly. There are many categories of visa application process like priority and super-priority visa in case your university is starting early and you don’t have your visa ready.

At SI-UK, we work with the idea of listening and understanding your dreams so that you do not compromise at any point of moving abroad for higher studies. Book a slot and let us discuss your aspirations and your budget for studying in the UK. Plan your dreams the right way with SI-UK.

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