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Fake watches: What is the difference between Omega’s “enhanced version” SEAMASTER?

In the same price range, Omega fake watches has always been loved by watch lovers for its superb watchmaking technology and high cost performance. Started to improve greatly. However, Omega also predicted this problem in advance, and launched many “special” watches one after another, which can effectively reduce the chance of collision. The watch I want to talk to you today is the “special model” from the Omega Seamaster series. So what is the difference between it and the ordinary model? Let’s take a look along with the video.

Hello everyone, fans who often watch our shows must know that I am a fan of Omega, and I have bought a lot of Omega. Among the Omega I have bought, my favorite is the special Omega. The reason is that Omega is one of the most popular watches in China, and there are many people who buy regular models. If you want to make a difference without hitting the watch, the special model in Omega is the first choice.

Today let’s talk about the Ocean Universe “Deep Sea Black” of the Omega Seamaster series.sell replica watches

Deep Sea Black is an all-ceramic version of Seamaster Ocean Universe launched by Omega after the Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon”. “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Deep Sea Black”, these two full-scale ceramic models have promoted Omega to the top position of sports watches, and in the field of ceramic watches, they have achieved surpassing the same level of famous watches.

Some players will say that there are many ceramic watches. IWC and Panerai have ceramic Luxury Fake Watches. Why do you say that Omega is stronger? Because the Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe Deep Sea Black is an all-ceramic watch. What is all-ceramic, that is, the case, bezel, bottom cover, crown, helium exhaust valve, and all parts on the head of the deep sea black are made of ceramics.

And some other famous watch brands, such as IWC Ceramic Pilot, you can see that the case and bezel are made of ceramics, but the crown and bottom cover are not made of ceramics. Especially the bottom cover of the watch, which is steel or titanium. Why are many famous watch brands not using ceramics for the bottom cover of ceramic watches. This is because there is no way to process very long screw-in threads on the ceramic case, so many ceramic watches use a steel bottom cover inner ring with a steel bottom cover.

Thanks to the Naiad Lock bottom cover technology, the Deep Sea Black can use a ceramic bottom cover.

Omega uses the unique Naiad Lock bottom cover technology. It does not need to process a long thread in the ceramic case. It only needs to be rotated 60 degrees to shrink and lock the bottom cover, and it is waterproof to 600 meters. Therefore, it can be matched with a ceramic bottom cover. Let the Omega ceramic watch realize all ceramics and surpass the same level in configuration.

The Omega Seamaster Deep Sea Black ceramic case is complicated to handle, pay attention to the polishing and brushing changes on the lugs. The lugs are polished and extend to the side of the case, while the helium escape valve is also ceramic.

Luxury Fake Watches

Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe Deep Sea Black, in addition to all ceramics, the decoration of the ceramic shell is also more complicated. We look at the front of the case and the side of the case, all brushed. Deep Sea Black uses Omega Seamaster’s iconic “twist” lugs,

and the curved surface of the lugs runs through to the edge of the case for a polished finish. Omega’s treatment of the ceramic case is consistent with the steel watch and gold watch, which is rare. Because of its high hardness, ceramics are much more difficult to process. This is why, for other brands of ceramic sell replica watches, the treatment of ceramic shells is often simple and single.

This black version of deep sea black has a fully polished ceramic bezel (the blue and red version has a brushed bezel).

Diving scale on ceramic ring, filled with liquid metal. The liquid metal scale is a unique technology of the Swatch Group. This technology is used by Omega Deep Sea Black and Blancpain’s 50 Fathoms submersible. The liquid metal scale, while maintaining the gray luster, has one of the biggest advantages that it is not easy to scratch and will not fade.

This deep sea black dial is also ceramic. You can see the ceramic logo of ZrO2 in the center of the disk. Due to the use of ceramic dial, the dial will be very bright in the light. Omega uses 18K white gold for the pointer (broad sword pointer) and three-dimensional time scale, polished and polished. The hands and hour markers have large areas of luminous light.

Omega Deep Sea Black is not only a professional diving watch, but also a GMT two-time watch. There is a two-time pointer on the dial, the end of the two-time pointer is blue,

and there is a 24-hour scale on the outer circle of the dial to indicate the second time zone. At the same time, this layout, with the scales of the two places inside and the scale of the diving watch outside (on the bezel),

also solves the conflict between the two functions.

Deep Sea Black is a branch of Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe, which belongs to the “enhanced model” of Seamaster.

Why do you say that? First of all, it has a water resistance of 600 meters. Followed by, is also a larger size, thicker thickness. This deep sea black measures 45.5mm and is 17mm thick. Thanks to the ceramic case, the weight is not too heavy after getting started. The strap is canvas on the outside and rubber on the inside, with a folding buckle. Wearing is OK. This watch is relatively large, and the advantages of the ceramic case are revealed. It is not afraid of bumps, and there is no scratch at all.

Seamaster Ocean Universe Deep Sea Black uses the Omega 8906 automatic movement,

which is the dual-time version of the 8900 movement. Everyone knows that Omega fake has two major main movements, 8800 and 8900. Among these two main movements, the division of labor of 8900 is to have the function of quick time zone adjustment,

which can quickly adjust the hour hand hour by hour, which is convenient for switching time zones.

Use this to adjust the calendar (8800 is a quick calendar adjustment).

The 8900 movement is a double mainspring, with a power reserve of 60 hours, a silicon balance spring, fine-tuning of non-calibration weights,

a swing frequency of 25,200 times per hour, 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic, a daily error of 0/+5 seconds, and passed the Omega Master Observatory standard. Next, let’s talk about the movement. The 8900 uses Omega’s iconic Arabic-style Geneva stripe decoration. Its upper splint is decorated with Geneva stripes, and the lower layer is fish scale pattern. Its screws, balance wheel, and mainspring are all black-plated. processing.

Omega Deep Sea Black is a high-end model among the diving watches of mainstream famous watches. The waterproof ability exceeds the standard of 300 meters for general professional diving watches. And all-ceramic, eliminates the “tool feeling” of professional diving watches, and greatly improves the luxury level. Although the 600-meter water resistance has no practical significance for us, it proves the power of this watch. Luxury and power are what we all need.

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