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Fake watches: The unique chasing needle timekeeping, Omega’s “masterpiece of the gods”!

Speaking of the world’s top fake watches, how many brands can you think of? Is it Vacheron Constantin? Or Patek Philippe? Or Breguet, Audemars Piguet, or others? The reason why these famous watch brands can become the top existence in the watch world is because they have excellent watchmaking technology. Perhaps for them, watches are not only tools, but also works of art. The craftsmanship is applied to the production of watches to create beautiful works that are intoxicating. But with so many watch brands, are there any undervalued brands? To give you an affirmative answer, yes. For example, the two new Omega Chrono Chime timekeeping fake watches that I want to talk to you today, the unique timekeeping is enough to be called Omega’s “masterpiece of the gods”.Swiss Fake Watches

Why is it said that Chrono Chime is Omega’s “masterpiece of the gods”? It is because among all the current famous watch brands and among all the complex watches, Omega Chrono Chime is unique in chiming the time. Chronograph by chasing hands, and then the minute repeater reports the time. Other famous watch brands do not have similar products.

Why do you say that only Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Söhne, and Vacheron Constantin can be “on par” with Omega Chrono Chime? Because among the models currently on sale, only Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Söhne, and Vacheron Constantin have launched large and complex fake watches including chasing hands and minute repeaters. Although it is only a conventional split-chatter and a regular minute repeater, it cannot report the time of the rattrapante like Omega, but at least it combines the rattrapante needle and the minute repeater. No other famous watch brand has a complex watch that combines rattrapante and minute repeater, not even Patek Philippe.

At the end of October 2022, Omega released the most complicated watch in the history of the brand. It is Chrono Chime. The movement model is 1932. There are two types in total. The two models have different designs, but use the same movement. Among them, the Olympic 1932 chasing needle timekeeping is a retro style, and the Speedmaster chasing needle timekeeping is a modern style.

Swiss Fake Watches

The unique feature of this chasing needle timekeeping is that it first starts the chasing needle timing, and after the chasing needle timing stops, press the minute repeater button. At this time, the watch spring (hammer strikes the gong) will report the timing time. For example, when the time is accumulated to 4 minutes and 38 seconds, the watch spring will report 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

4 low-pitched beats are 4 minutes (1 low-pitched 1 minute); 3 high-pitched low-pitched 30 seconds (1 high-pitched low-pitched 10 seconds); 8 high-pitched 8 seconds (1 high-pitched 1 minute) Second).

The conventional minute repeater watch is all reporting the normal watch time. Like the Omega Chrono Chime, it is unprecedented to report the time. Taking a step back, even if the chasing needle and minute repeater are taken out separately, they are the top functions of complex Swiss Fake Watches. Just talking about a split-seconds chronograph, the single split-seconds chronographs currently in production on the market are mainly Patek Philippe’s 5370 and A. Lange & Söhne’s 1815 split-seconds. Of course, we do not include the ones modified by general-purpose movements, which are all high-end movements. Omega’s chasing hands and time reporting can be said to be unique.

Next, let’s talk about the technical details of this watch. Since Omega Chrono Chime’s timekeeping is timed, Omega uses a new timekeeping system. For the cam, change one to control minutes, one to control 10 seconds, and one to control seconds. When the chasing needle timing stops, press the timekeeping button, and the 2 timekeeping gears will push the 2 hammers to start timekeeping according to the positions of the 3 timekeeping cams.Swiss Fake Watches

On the front of the movement, in addition to the two hammers, we can also see the “speed flywheel” of the minute repeater, which is used to control the “speed and rhythm” of the timekeeping. It is reported that its minute/10 second/second, and the interval between the timekeeping are 1.5 seconds, and the whole rhythm is coherent and compact.

On the back of the movement, we can see the split-second timing parts. Omega fake also uses Omega’s unique coaxial escapement on this Chrono Chime, and increases the swing frequency to 36,000 times per hour, which is also the first time.

The splint of the entire movement, including the minute repeater gong, is made of Omega 18K Sedna gold (that is, Omega’s exclusive ratio of 18K rose gold). The decoration of the movement matches this large and complex watch. And in the two models of Olympic 1932 chasing needle timekeeping and Speedmaster chasing needle timekeeping, both enamel plates and guilloche carvings are used. The details of the watch are in place from the inside to the outside.

The button on the crown is mainly responsible for timing start/stop/return to zero. The button with the red coil next to the crown is the chasing needle button,

and the button with the musical note pattern on the bottom of the case is the timekeeping button.Swiss Fake Watches

After the release of the Omega Chrono Chime, some players thought that it would be more appropriate for such an expensive large

and complicated watch to be produced on Blancpain and Breguet, both brands of the Swatch Group. Is it reasonable to be on Omega? I think it is reasonable. It has the following reasons:

From a historical point of view, the brand positioning of Omega in history has always been very high, rich in antique complex fake watches,

complete with tourbillon, minute repeater, and rattrapante hands. Among them, Omega launched the minute repeater in 1892 and the chronograph in 1932. Omega launched the chasing needle time today, and there are traces in history.

From a modern point of view, among Omega’s on-sale styles,

Omega’s central tourbillon is also a complex watch, and it is also unique among mainstream watch brands. The price of Omega’s central tourbillon has exceeded the price of Vacheron Constantin and A. Lange & Söhne’s tourbillon. Complicated best replica watches have never been absent from Omega’s lineup. Therefore, it is reasonable to launch the chasing needle timekeeping.

In today’s watch world, there are “four major brands” in a dominant position. They are Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, and Cartier. Among them, Omega is the core of Swatch Group, and Cartier is the core of Richemont Group.

In addition, Omega officials also mentioned that Blancpain of the same group

also participated in the research and development of Chrono Chime. Because of Omega’s core position in the Swatch Group, Omega can gain the power of the entire Swatch Group. In 1991, Omega developed a central tourbillon, and the Swatch Group deployed Breguet

and ETA movements to fully support it; in 2019, Omega launched the Speedmaster 321,

of which the copyright of the 321 movement was provided by Breguet (after 1968, the 321 machine. The core belongs to the Lemania movement factory, which was later acquired by Breguet,

so the copyright belongs to Breguet). Therefore, no matter what “god-level watch” Omega launches, don’t be surprised,

because Omega is the Swatch Group, and the Swatch Group is Omega.

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