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Best Tourist Attractions In Riyadh

Tourism is an activity in which people travel from one place to another for leisure. People could travel to Saudi Arabia for business or work purposes in previous years, but they could not go to Kingdom for tourism. Hajj and Umrah pilgrims did not visit other cities except Makkah and Madinah. Saudi Vision 2030 has forced foreigners to think about tourism.

When choosing the best tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, put Riyadh at the top of your list. It is the capital of the country and full of beautiful and unique attractions, exciting activities, and recreational opportunities. It is the largest city in Saudi Arabia and one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

With the changing times, this place is no longer a haven for conservatives as the winds of change are blowing in the capital. In 2018, Ministry opened movie theatres and cinemas after 35 years in Riyadh. Nowadays, Saudi Govt also started to organize various music festivals. Now UK residents can also travel on a tourist visa as Riyadh is one of the best tourist attractions.

Note: Now, Muslims can also travel to Riyadh by performing Umrah by Umrah Packages from UK.

Best Tourist Attractions in Riyadh:

  1. Skybridge in Kingdom Tower
  2. National Museum of Saudi Arabia
  3. Masmak Fort
  4. Deera Square
  5. Najd Village
  6. The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque
  7. Murabba Palace
  8. Dira Souq
  9. Edge of the world Riyadh
  10. World sights park Riyadh
  11. King Abdulaziz Historical Centre
  12. Diriyah

Skybridge in Kingdom Tower

The Sky Bridge offers a unique view of the city of Riyadh as it is perched on a tower 300 meters. The Sky Bridge is 65 meters long, and its structure is entire of steel.

This tourist spot is located on the 50th floor of the Kingdom Tower, which is currently the third tallest building in Riyadh. The tower also houses the Kingdom Center Mall, where tourists can find local and international luxury brands.

Although the climate of Riyadh is usually blurred and dusty due to the desert climate, but when the weather is clear, the view of Riyadh is excellent. It is a beautiful sight to examine Riyadh city at night from this spot when the whole city shines with different colours.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The museum has a vast collection of items that helps to understand the Saudi culture and its inhabitants. Here tourists will find old fossils, ancient architecture and structures, pre-Islamic trade routes, and objects from the Arab empires, a combination of all stuff make this museum “Best Tourist Attraction Place in Riyadh.”

Masmak Fort

Made of clay and mud bricks, Masmak Fort is one of the historically significant sites of Riyadh. It was built in 1865 during the reign of Al-Masmak (means strong). In 1902, this fort was used by Ibn Saud to recapture Riyadh. This fort is now a museum where visitors can understand the history of Riyadh. Entry to the museum is free. But check the in advance as to what day is for Family or Singles.

Deera Square

Deera Square, also known as Chop Chop Square, is a modern public square where the sinner is beheaded instead of hanged. After Friday prayers, police and other personnel evacuate the square for beheadings. ۔ While watching the behead may not be attractive for anyone, it is a great place to see children run and play with springs of water.

Najd Village

Najd village is a food hub for tourists. Foreigners can taste all kinds of food in this village from western or eastern countries. Traditional food is the heritage of any country, so visitors can learn more about the history of Saudi Arabia by eating traditional dishes.

Al Rajhi Grand Mosque

Riyadh Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque is one of Riyadh’s most famous attractions. Built with a donation from the Al-Rajhi family, it is the largest mosque in the city and is considered one of the modern Islamic architectural wonders. The Al-Rajhi family is one of the wealthiest non-royal families in Saudi Arabia. A visit to this place will allow you to peek into the modern Muslim faith of the city.

Murabba Palace

If visiting an Arabic palace has always been on your bucket list, a trip to the Murraba location should be on the list of the top things you plan when you’re making your itinerary of places to visit in Riyadh. The Palace of grandeur is the former residence and the royal court for King Abdul Aziz, considered the first king of modern Saudi Arabia. 

This Royal Palace is a fascinating attraction that reveals the history of the royals of Saudi. Here, you’ll find an old courtyard house and a collection of historic cars as well as the old majlis along with an ancient water tower.

A renovated mosque is also modelled on the royal mosque that the Palace used initially. The centre is considered to be the cultural centre of contemporary Riyadh. It contains the Murabba Palace complex and several historic structures throughout the city, including the Al Masmak Fort.

Deerah Souq

Deerah Souq is near the Al Masmak Fort in the old part of the city. It is known for its famous Gold Souk section. Hence it is also known as Deerah Gold Souq. There is a long line of small shops lined up in the narrow streets. Shops are sorted or grouped so that tourists can shop and bargain in one place.

This place is a paradise for buyers! Along with the gold and silver shops, buyers can find carpets, antiques, gifts, traditional clothing, props and even furniture shops. Move from one store to another until they find a cheaper product. Most shop owners speak English, so the language cannot hinder.

Edge of the World Riyadh

The Edge of the World (Jebel Fihrayn) is a dazzling and spectacular geological marvel in the rocky northwest desert of Riyadh. The area is just 90 km out of Riyadh. The location is ideal for trips for the day or a night camping excursion away from the city—one of the best places to walk and hike in Riyadh.

World sights park Riyadh

This tiny and bizarre spectacle provides a magical trip around the globe. It houses miniature versions of iconic landmarks worldwide like the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. Additionally, Saudi landmarks are to see, like Holy mosques, Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. A trip to Riyadh may include a globe tour if tourists go to this location.

King Abdulaziz Historical Centre

It is located close to the National Museum; King Abdulaziz Historical Centre is one of the unique tourist attractions in Riyadh. It covers a vast area and has numerous exhibits that explore various topics like the story of Saudi Arabia, the ancient and contemporary Arabian Peninsula, the relationship of man to the universe, and the background of Islam and other Arab civilizations.


Diriyah town is in the northwestern outskirts of Riyadh. It was previously the residence of the Saudi Royal family as well as it was also the initial Saudi capital. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was one of the biggest cities in the Arabian Peninsula until it was destroyed and then destroyed in the late 19th century during the long siege that lasted for a year. It was a battleground for the Ottoman between the Saudi armies. 

This city has become a popular tourist attraction where tourists can get close up the old mud structure and the many parks and exciting areas such as Saad bin Saud Palace. Its beautiful courtyard attracts tourists to the palace.

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Many other tourist attractions like Al-Faisaliya TowerRiyadh National ZooRiyadh Water Park, etc., can be attractive. Tourists can complete the best tour of Riyadh after getting the proper guidance. Now, with the internet’s help, it is possible to get information about anything. Many frauds can make tourism complex. Therefore, everyone should take advantage of the best travel agency to save themselves from fraud.


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