ANC: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Noise Cancellation Earphones?

noise cancellation earphones

Sometime off the grid.  A bit of silence. A little escape.

When everyday life becomes a little too, all we need is some time with ourselves. Our chaotic lives are full of noises and sounds of all times. Whether it is travelling to work in a public bus or the constant chatter of your employees or , there is no dearth of loud and distracting noises around us! This problem has become even worse in the current WFH situation. 

As all of us have shifted our workstation to our homes, it is very much difficult to concentrate when your maid wants to wash all the utensils during peak working hours or when the cooker will not stop whistling when you are already struggling to finish a report!

In situations like these (and of course others), all that we need is someone to mute the outside world. But if only that was possible!

Thank God for noise cancellation earphones! These wonders of audio technology can come in handy in blocking the ambient noises and provide you with a blissful and disturbance-free listening experience.

But before we jump into the pros and cons of noise cancellation earphones, let’s have a look at how they work.

For this, we need you to solve a simple match equation.

What is the sum of +1 and -1?

Zero. Right?

That’s exactly how active noise cancellation works! They basically cancel out certain types of sounds by producing a sound of a frequency that cancels out the loudness of the ambient noise. Giving you a smooth and disturbance-free listening experience.

Let’s have a look at the pros of having noise cancelling earphones

– Immersive listening experience
Imagine travelling through a long flight and you have downloaded a movie which you have been waiting to watch for a long time now! But the flight is full of cranky kids who are crying and screaming at the top of their voices! Forget about listening to those dialogues!

Noise Cancellation earphones offer you an immersive listening experience by drawing the ambient noises and you get to hear what you want to hear. So, listen and enjoy your favourite music or podcast or lose yourself in your favourite movie without anything ruining your listening experience!

– Protects your ears
We tend to increase the volume of audio in order to listen clearly in noisy environments. And before we know it, the earphones are blasting high volume music that constantly pounds our eardrums. This can cause tremendous damage to your eardrums. 

As the sound easily reaches your ears while using noise cancellation earphones, there is no need to increase the volume and hence, you do a favour to your precious eardrums.

– Concentrate better
If you are thinking that you need to keep on listening to music while using your active noise cancellation earphones, then you are highly mistaken. 

The beauty about active noise cancellation earphones is that you can simply wear them and not listen to any music or audio and they will still work the same. You can insert them inside your ears and block out all the ambient noises and concentrate better on your work. They can be really helpful in enhancing productivity. 

– Smooth calls, every time!
Just like listening to music in a loud environment sounds nightmarish, making calls in loud environments is even worse. Noise cancellation helps you block out the unwanted sounds and you can listen to what the other person is saying without any trouble! So no more stepping out of a cafe, just because you cannot hear what is being said on the call.

Cons of noise cancelling earphones:

– They are a bit expensive
If you want good active noise cancellation earphones, then be ready to spend a little extra than what you spend on your regular earphones. They are sophisticatedly designed to offer you a premium listening experience and it comes at a higher cost!

– Makes you unaware of your surroundings
Imagine walking or riding a bike on a busy road with your noise cancellation earphones on! You will not be able to listen to any incoming vehicles or any vehicle honks. You won’t even be able to hear people who will be shouting at you to get out of the way! This can be a very tricky and risky situation.


Hence, it is advisable to not use them in situations wherein you need to be aware of your surroundings. It is not only critical for your own safety, but also for the safety of others

– They drain faster
Because of all the work that they do, noise cancellation earphones tend to consume a lot of power. A good pair of wireless earphones with noise cancellation will not be able to provide you with a playtime of over 20H. You will need to charge them frequently and this can be a hassle for people who use their earphones extensively.

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