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Air travel secrets only flight attendants know

Looking for the top tips from airline cabin crew members for making the best of your next getaway? Find them with the top air travel secrets only flight attendants know.

Let’s know the air travel secrets only flight attendants know

Depend on bottled water

Well, it’s always good to be mindful of mother earth while traveling taking your next flight. Also, airlines are understanding their responsibility towards the environment and being protective of it. Thus, the airlines are trying to reduce the plastic waste created by them to as little as they can.

And thus, cabin crew depends upon bottled water for both hygienic and environmental reasons. Because the water storage tanks in a jet airline are steep and are hard to clean thoroughly. Thus, it is easier for the bacteria o develop there and contaminate the drinking water served on the plane.

Moreover, drinking tea and coffee on a plane must also be skipped as it is made of H2O. Thus, instead of drinking water on the plane, ask for bottled water. Also, always carry a filter water bottle in your carry-on for emergency purposes. Thus, in the case of the unavailability of bottled water, you can get the water filtered before drinking it.

Avoid airport food

Well, airline crew members don’t want you to survive on the airport food only. The food service at the airport and on an airplane is mainly greasy. Thus, if you are taking long flights like Flight from USA to London it is easier to get indigestion. Also, many travelers face bloating and stomach ache issues because of it. Thus, it is always beneficial to look for a good restaurant to eat than to dine at the airport.

Also, you can carry your food to the flight that is easier to digest to prevent indigestion. In this, you can pack a few quick and dry snacks including vegetable/fruit salads, and sandwiches. For essential fibers and nutrients, you can pack dry fruits and roasted peanuts with you. Thus, you will not suffer from cravings during the flight and can prevent stomach problems.

Tackle the baggage fees

Well, if you always end up exceeding the weight of your luggage and paying the extra fees, then this is for you. Do you know that you are allowed to carry a bag or purse with you on your flight? Well, all you have to do is to exchange the mini bag with an up to 22-inch carry-on. And then, use this carry-on to pack all the essentials, including medicine, documents, food, water, and a sleeping kit.

Thus, you don’t have to pay extra luggage fees at the end and can also enjoy a good flight experience. The carry-on will also help you to make out the best of your flight experience having all the things you need.

Pack the essentials

Most often in the rush of packing clothes travelers forgot to carry their essentials such as medicines. Thus, it is always beneficial to finish packing way ahead of your trip. Because last-minute packing will only help you in leaving some essentials at home always.

The airport food is rich in oils but the thing it lacks is nutrients and thus it is important to carry them. Also, if you are traveling in economy class then leg space is a big issue as well. And thus, you might not be able to sleep properly and may fall sick because of it. To avoid this, you must carry a sleeping kit along with you including a neck pillow. For more comfort pick up a thin and warm blanket along with an eye cover.

Also, if you can’t sleep in a noisy environment then packing the noise-canceling earphones will be a blessing. Thus, in short, you must prepare a list of all the essentials that you can enjoy on a plane. And then carry them along in a carry-on with you to ensure maximum comfort while traveling.

Keeping calm is the key

If it’s your first flight or a flight after a long time then it is completely normal to feel the fear of flying. Thus, instead of avoiding the far you must accept it calmly and look for ways to endure it. Also, the best way is to think of the airplane as a boat sailing in the waters.

Suppose you are taking direct flights to Italy from US then imagine going to Italy by ship. Also, image the clouds as water waves, and just like the ship airplane is going up and down in the water. This will help you calm down as airplanes behave the same way as ships in many cases.

For a more mindful experience try hearing the sound of the waves through an earphone. This will calm the environment around you and will help you believe your imagination.

Have a comfortable airport look

Well, nowadays everyone wants to have a unique airport look but you should never compromise with comfort. Make sure your airport look is made up of enough layers that can be worn and removed easily. Because passengers witness different weather conditions while taking longer flights. Thus, you can remove and add layers to manage the hot and cold temperature and stay comfortable.


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