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7 Creative Ways to Use Corner Molding in Your Home

Cabinet edges are typically left unfinished during the installation process to allow room for additional finishing touches later in the process. This creates raw, plain-looking corners that many homeowners often seek to hide with either paint or some type of decorative edge, like corner molding or quarter-round.

Here are seven creative ways to use corner molding in your home 


1) As an Accent Wall

1. Set the miter saw up so that it is perpendicular to the work surface and adjust the blade depth so that it is just deep enough to cut through the corner strip metal. 2. Then clamp a scrap piece of wood on top of the corner strip metal and make sure that it is positioned with its edge touching the inside corner of where you want the molding to go. 3. Now, run your stock along the blade and trim off any excess with a hand-saw or chisel, depending on what type of corner strip metal you are using. 4. Finally, use some nails or screws (depending on which type of adhesive you are using) and attach it at an angle (about 30 degrees) over your wall corners before filling in with paint or another finishing touch.

In the Kitchen

2) In the Kitchen

1) Corner molding tiles can be installed as a quick and easy solution to providing a clean finish on raw corners. 2) A corner molding tile will provide a cohesive finish, while adding hörnlist aluminium detail, to any space. 3) This versatile design allows you to use it inside or outside corners for an immediate update with minimal effort. 4) The edges of the cabinet boxes are typically left raw and unfinished to allow for the addition of decorative edges later in the installation process. 5) DIY Corner Moldings are an inexpensive way of making your home look more luxurious without breaking the bank! 6) You can make your own corner moldings by using a few simple materials that you most likely already have around the house.

3) In the Bathroom

The traditional use of corner moldings is on the outside corners of cabinets and other furniture. However, they can also be used creatively and serve a number of purposes. One way to use corner moldings is as a decorative accent in the bathroom, such as on the inside corner of an alcove or next to a bath tub. Corner strip plastic can be used for this purpose because it is easy to cut into specific shapes with scissors and does not require any special tools.
1) Inside corners- A small piece can create a decorative look without taking up too much space. 2) Alcoves- Corner molding is one of the easiest ways to dress up an alcove by adding some trim around the entrance.

4) In the Living Room

The living room is a cozy space with four window openings on the two main walls. Along one wall is an elegant fireplace, and an inviting white sofa sits in front of it. The other wall is adorned with a huge entertainment center and a beautiful mirror. Outside of these two focal points, the space has been largely left barren to provide opportunities for easy future updates like paintings or displays. Yet there are so many ways you could beautify this room even without any major changes! When it comes down to it, corner molding walls can create dimensionality as well as add contrast against a neutral backdrop. It can be used for everything from building more character with framed artwork and decor pieces, to filling empty shelves that might be otherwise lost.

In the Bedroom

5) In the Bedroom

Cheap composite decking can be a great way to save money while spicing up your bedroom space. If you’re looking for a way to make your small bedroom feel more spacious, incorporating cheap composite decking may be the best option. Here are 7 ways you can use corner molding in the bedroom.
1) Add contrasting colors and textures by painting the moldings around your windows and doors with high gloss paint or applying a vinyl wrap that is painted with stencils or other design elements.
2) Add faux finishing by painting cheap composite decking with chalkboard paint, whiteboard paint, or metallic paints and then adding other touches like designs or quotes on the walls above it.

6) As a Focal Point

Outer corner molding is typically used as a baseboard. For example, during installation, the cabinets are installed with the outer edges of the cabinet boxes left unfinished and raw, then you can use hörnlist vägg cheap for a finishing touch by installing a full piece of corner molding along that edge. Composite deckings are also commonly used as baseboards.

7) As a Baseboard

Decking material options are a great way to use corner molding. When you need a baseboard, try using corner moldings instead. You can cut them into different lengths and shapes and attach them to the wall for an interesting look that is both decorative and functional.

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