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WooCommerce versus PrestaShop: An Outline

WooCommerce versus PrestaShop: An Outline

How about we initially start by taking a gander at the foundation of WooCommerce and PrestaShop and how these two web-based business stages arise over the long run?


– Source: WooCommerce

While composing this article, WooCommerce is utilized by 28% of online stores, including a portion of the world’s top brands (see the accompanying screen capture).

– Source: WooCommerce

Since WooCommerce is a free and open-source module, engineers ceaselessly add to further developing the stage around the world. Therefore, you see an extensive rundown of WooCommerce highlights that incorporate nearly all that you would anticipate from a first-class online business stage.


PrestaShop has been around for quite a while and has constructed a standing as a reliable substance of the executive’s framework for web-based business stores. First delivered in 2007, it keeps on being the selection of designers who construct answers for items on the board, charging, and transporting.

– Source: PrestaShop

Despite the fact that PrestaShop can be adjusted to any necessity, the fundamental use case is an internet business store. This is where WooCommerce has an unmistakable edge in light of the basic adaptability of WordPress.

WooCommerce versus PrestaShop: The Latest things

PrestaShop is a more seasoned stage that has kept on being perhaps the most ideal choice today. Then again, WooCommerce is moderately new yet offers fierce opposition to PrestaShop for the top position.

The accompanying Google Patterns chart shows the advancement of looks for the two stages to provide you with a thought of the opposition. As may be obvious, WooCommerce is the more quickly developing stage out there.

In any case, this chart ought not to be the just deciding component for your web-based business store. You ought to mess with the two stages to evaluate your choices and capabilities. Moreover, the two stages support a large group of expansions that broaden the local capacities.

Essentially, you ought to likewise think about the requirement for the custom turn of events (something you ought to examine with a designer).

– WooCommerce Content Administration

The two stages offer a genuinely simple to utilize the executive’s point of interaction to oversee item information (pictures and text). You can straightforwardly transfer the information utilizing a Succeed record assuming the information is enormous. Additionally, the two stages offer straightforward cycles for making changes to item portrayals and related distinguishing information.

– PrestaShop Item The board

PrestaShop is worked for the single reason of making on-the-web stores just, and hence, the methodology is plainly characterized to work with item information on the board. Then again, WooCommerce utilizes the WordPress post design and adjusts it to oversee item information as a post.

– WooCommerce Item The executives

Stock Administration

The two stages permit you to keep tight command over the store stock control. Generally speaking, you plainly know the accessible stock and items accessible at the retail facade. This usefulness is discretionary and can be debilitated to mimic a boundless stock assuming you have no stock issues.

PrestaShop offers progressed stock control choices through which you can characterize a few stores and get warnings in the event that the stock is getting low and what items are famous among your store crowd. WooCommerce has free and paid expansions that go past basic stock administration choices.

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