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Woocommerce Etsy Integration Module Help you Run Effortlessly your Etsy store

. , EtsyBoth Etsy and WooCommerce are hopeful online stores where you may trade for a wide range of things. However, each platform has unique restrictions. Because of this, connecting WooCommerce and Etsy is a great idea for making the most of both platforms and enjoying ongoing benefits. You must increase your consumer base if you own an online store and want to increase sales. One of the quickest ways to reach a larger audience is to sell your products on reputable online stores like Etsy. The Woocommerce Etsy Synchronization Addon by Knowband is one of the simplest ways to access the Etsy market. Also, with the Etsy plugin, you can steal customers from already popular brands. It may seem difficult to manage two businesses on different domains, but Knowband’s Woocommerce Etsy Integration Module can make it simpler.

The tough tasks of inventory upload and sales administration are made simpler when you utilize the Etsy Woocommerce API Integrator to link your eCommerce site to Etsy Marketplace in real-time. The automatic synchronization of inventory, orders, prices, and many other factors between your WooCommerce store and your Etsy marketplace may be very valuable to you. The admin page of the Knowband’s Woocommerce Etsy Integration Plugin houses the settings and controls for the Etsy shop.

Steps to link the Etsy Marketplace with the WooCommerce store

  1. Open an Etsy store. You must first create an Etsy seller account to start selling on Etsy.com.
  2. Install and enable the Etsy Integration module for WooCommerce.
  3. After setting up your Etsy account and the WooCommerce Etsy Integration Module, you can connect your WooCommerce eCommerce site with your Etsy shop. Just enter the API details in the addon’s backend for the Etsy WooCommerce API connection.


How does the Woocommerce Etsy Integration Extension upload inventory?

  1. The Woocommerce Etsy Marketplace connector addon streamlines the product upload process.
  2. Create a profile first in the admin area of the Woocommerce Etsy Integration plugin.
  3. After that, make a profile and link the marketplace category to the store category. With just a few mouse clicks, even product attributes may be mapped with the Woocommerce Etsy Integrator.
  4. The products of the mapped category will be listed and can be published in bulk to the market. All this can be done by running cron on the Woocommerce Etsy connector’s back end.

Use the Etsy Woocommerce Connector to manage and send out orders from Etsy

Orders can be listed from the Etsy marketplace to the eCommerce website. Run cron in the admin interface of the Etsy Woocommerce API Integrator to update the status. Order Status on the marketplace can be updated using the cross provided by the Woocommerce Etsy integrator. Similar to this, the admin of the Woocommerce Etsy Integrator module can quickly add delivery options for Etsy clients from the backend. Each template can have shipping records and modifications added by the administrator using the Woocommerce Etsy integrator.

Please visit our product page to learn more about the installation procedure, configuration stages, and features in detail. Please feel free to contact us at support@Knowband.com with any questions or to discuss anything related to the marketplace modules.

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