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Why Riding the Indian Railways Is Such an Exciting Experience

No means of transport in our country can match the Indian Railways’ wide reach. It is the world’s fourth-largest railway network that combines pace, relaxation, competency, and value for money to offer unparalleled services. Indian Railways has wide options to suit any traveler’s needs and budget, with trains traversing the whole country. From the posh Palace on Wheels to budget-friendly local trains, Indian Railways provides a diverse range of trains.

If you are considering going on a train trip, take the assistance of the smart train services offered by RailMitra and feel at ease throughout. You can depend on its diverse resources like PNR checking tool for ticket status verification, train schedule search option, Indian Railway reservation enquiry for seat availability and more.

What Makes Riding the Indian Railways So Much Fun

Any other mode of travel cannot match the excitement and enjoyment of a rail journey in India. Here are five reasons why train travel is one of the greatest ways to experience India.


Economy class air travel does not guarantee a relaxing trip. Moreover, air travel is uncomfortable, with minimal legroom, squishy seats, and small handrests. Taking a car or bus might be a hassle because of the rough ride and the limited room. Train rides are the best alternative because you have plenty of room to spread out, snuggle, and relax. Based on your budget, you can use the Indian Railways reservation enquiry to check whether there are any vacant seats or berths in your selected class.


With services that span over the most distant extremities of the country, Indian Railways has the broadest coverage. Although airlines have started new routes to less conventional destinations, they have not yet caught up to the Indian Railways system. You can take a train everywhere, including Ledo’s Assamese tea farms, the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari, Jammu’s rebellious hills, or Krishna’s birthplace in Dwarka.

Stunning scenery

India’s train rides provide views of some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. You get a unique perspective of the country’s unknown regions because most train tracks follow routes not used by other forms of transportation. As the train courses through the countryside, the scenery changes from urban to rural, from small valley to steep mountain, from green paddy fields to majestic bridges. Before boarding, you should make an Indian railway reservation enquiry for seat availability to ensure you get the desired berth or a window seat.


Air travel is both quick and pricey. While taking a train may add some time to your journey, it also reduces your financial burden. Passengers can pick from various trains and itineraries on the Indian Railways, including express, superfast, local, and luxury trains. Indian Railways also provides senior and student discounts to passengers who can verify their eligibility with proper identification. However, before booking your trip, it is strongly recommended that you check the Indian Railway reservation portal for any updates on seat availability.

Easy Commute

Unlike train stations, which are often located in the middle of the cities, most airports are spread away from the city center. Consequently, it is considerably easier to get to your destination from a train station than from an airport. In addition, flight travel has considerable luggage weight restrictions, while train travel doesn’t. The availability of train tickets and train seats is easy to find thanks to the IRCTC website and travel apps like the RailMitra train app/web portal. It will show you your train’s whereabouts at all times.

Useful Tips for First-Time Train Travellers

Here are a few helpful suggestions that will make your train ride much more pleasant:

Plan out your itinerary

Before embarking on the train, always inspect your baggage. To stay safe and contactless throughout the trip, carry an E-train ticket. Documents proving your identity, such as an Aadhar card, a PAN card, etc., must be carried at all times.

Reserve your seat in advance

For ensuring a smooth travel experience, make your rail reservation as early as possible. If you wait for the same, there is no assurance that you will receive seat confirmation, which could ruin your vacation plans.

Book food on train

RailMitra is a reliable e-catering provider that makes ordering food for your train trip a breeze. You need to provide your PNR number or train and route details and select the meal and the restaurant on the RailMitra app. Your e-catering partner will deliver fresh and delicious meals from local restaurants to your railway seat.

Bring mini toiletry supplies

Good hygiene practice is critical to stop the transmission of infections. You should bring toiletries for a long train ride to maintain your cleanliness and morning routine. To keep yourself clean and contact-free throughout the trip, bring your washroom aid, a hand towel, and a hand sanitizer in a tiny, easily accessible bag or pouch.

Do not miss the train!

In India, delayed train arrivals are the norm rather than the exception. Before heading to the station, it’s a good idea to check the ticket PNR status and confirm the time of your train’s arrival, your coach number, and the final chart.

Consider a relaxed dressing option

When taking a lengthy train journey, it’s important to dress in a way that makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Pack your sleeping bag and pillow if you plan on spending the night on the train. Having your necessities would keep you from transferring or getting in contact with illnesses. A trash bag can also help you maintain sanitary living space.

If a train ride’s convenience, affordability, and comfort aren’t enough to persuade you, its appeal will certainly do the trick. Train travel in India is nostalgic and fascinating, leaving you with unforgettable experiences. To help yourself prepare for your trip and ensure a super enjoyable train ride,  while food order on train, download a rail app.

RailMitra is a comprehensive railway app easily procurable on the Google Play/Apple Store. It allows users to perform PNR status monitoring, train timetable search, Indian Railway reservation enquiry for seat vacancy, ticket price enquiry and more.

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