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Why is my Brother printer not connecting to WiFi?

Brother Printers are one of the most widely used printing machines in America. These printers are easy to use and agile, which can allow you to get the most productivity from a given day. You might need assistance with the Brother Printer wifi setup if you’ve just purchased a new Brother printer set-up for your office/home.For newbies, Brother Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi is the most difficult task. You can refer to the information on this website for help. Information on topics such as Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi, and many other issues will be available.

Brother Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi

There are many reasons your Brother printer might not connect to your WiFi. These are just a few of the possible reasons your Brother printer may not connect to your WiFi connection at home.

WiFi Connection Distance

Incorrect Internet settings

You have entered the wrong password for your WiFi network.

Issues with Printer Firmware

These and other reasons can cause problems during WiFi setup.

Incorrect Internet Settings

You will not be able to connect your printer to the router network if the internet settings, such as the network encryption protocol and SSID, are wrong. Make sure to get all details about the router network settings before you start the Brother Printer WiFi setup. These details will include the SSID and password as well as the network encryption type. These can be accessed by logging into the router setup wizard.

Once you have these details, you can connect to the wi-fi network using the Brother Printer Setup Utility.

Before you begin, ensure that the SSID (or router network name) is visible and does not use MAC filtering. It is a good idea to turn it off and then connect your Brother printer.

Incorrect Wi-Fi password

The setup wizard will ask you to verify the connection when you connect your Brother printer to WiFi. Enter the network password when asked to verify your connection. If you use an incorrect network password, it will cause problems when you try to connect.

You can verify that you have entered the correct password if Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi is displaying. Make sure you use the correct sequence of characters and the letters in the right case order. You can reset your password by going to the router’s setup wizard, then connecting.

How to troubleshoot an error with ( brother printer not connecting to wifi)

You can follow additional troubleshooting steps in addition to the ones mentioned above to configure the brother printer.

Restart both the router and printer.

The most common issue of Brother Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi is due to device cache. To eliminate the possibility of the device cache causing problems with the Brother Printer wifi setup, you can restart the router and printer. The device will restart to clear any cache and allow it to start over again. To speed up your router and Brother printer, you can power cycle them to clear the cache memory and increase the performance.

Adjust the distance between your printer and your WiFi

When setting up your printer device, it is important to know how far you are from the router. Consider moving your devices closer together and creating a line-of-sight connection to allow them to communicate. If there are other objects, such as walls, aquariums, microwaves, or the like, you should remove them. To avoid signal loss issues, take out any objects that are between them. This will allow you to fix Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi errors.

Reset network settings to connect to brother printer wifi

You can disconnect your Brother Printer Setup from the network and forget about it. Then, reconnect to your printer via the network. This will reset the Brother printer network settings so that your device can connect quickly.

Use WPS to connect to WiFi

You can use the WPS method to connect your printer if you aren’t sure what your password is. You can connect to your network using the WPS function if your router supports it. This is a simpler method and can be used to connect in a matter of seconds. Two connection methods are used in the WPS method. There are two methods to connect with WPS: one is the Push button method, and the other is WPS Pin. You can choose any one of these connection options depending on your preference.

How do I connect my Brother Printer to WiFi?

Once you have a better understanding of the issues that are causing the Brother printer WiFi setup to malfunction, you can take precautionary steps and follow the simple setup instructions using the information provided here.

Find your wireless network

Find the wireless network settings for your router. Note the settings for future reference. To confirm that you haven’t changed your credentials during the initial setup, please check the product label at the bottom. You can also log in to the router’s network setup page for the correct information.

Wifi setup for Brother printers with WLAN

Once you have access to the settings of your wireless network, you can easily complete the Brother printer setup. Here are the steps to follow:

Plug the power cord into your Brother printer. Turn on the power supply.

Use the up and win navigation keys to select a network from the menu. Then press Ok.

Select the WLANoption again and hit OK.

Select Setup Wizard from the next screen and then press OK.

To enable the wireless network, click on the ” WLAN Enable?” button.

Now scan the wireless networks with the printer. A list of names will be displayed.

To select the main network SSID, use the Up and Down navigation keys and then press Ok.

Enter the password you used to secure your network and hit OKto reconnect. To apply the settings, choose Yes. You can skip this step if you don’t use any authentication method.

The Brother printer will attempt to connect to the chosen wifi network. Once the printer is connected, you will see the “Connected printing” message.

Now, the printer will automatically print a wireless connection report. Retry the steps if Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi occurs.

Install Brother printer software for connecting to wifi

After you have installed the Brother printer driver software, you can go to the Brother printer official website. Windows users can access the Downloads section of the website to download the Full Driver as well as the Software Package. The Downloads page contains the instructions for installation.

Download the Full Software Package if you’re a macOS user. You can also find the installation instructions at the download page. You can also download the Scanner Driver and Printer Driver from the download page. You can print with the AirPrintapp if you are unable to find the package. If AirPrint is not supported, you may download Brother iPrint & Scan directly from the app store.

Method Brother printer WPS

You can connect your Brother printer setup to any wireless router or access point that supports WPS. You can follow these steps if it supports WPS.

The Brother printer should be placed within the range of your router’s network.

Make sure the power cord is plugged into.

Turn on your printer and wait until it is in a Ready state.

Hold the WPS button for a few seconds until the WPS LED glows.

Within 60 seconds, press also the WPS button. Now, the printer will search for WPS connections on the router and connect to it.

You can start the printing process once the READY LED on your printer turns on.

Now the Brother Printer WiFi Setup via WPS is complete.


It is very easy to set up the Brother Printer WiFi. To get started, you can simply follow the instructions on this page. You can use the following steps to resolve Brother Printer Not Connecting to WiFi issues.


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