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Why Do You Need Data Backup Solutions For Business?

Data Backup Solutions

In the first part of the series of this article, I talk about the three main threats for data on your computer. I talk about the need for data backup solutions that protect your data correctly. In this article, I will describe the most general backup data selection solutions available for you.

A simple data backup solution

An easy way to backup your data to store everything for CDs. By burning your important information to the CD-ROM, you can have another copy of your data if something is wrong with your computer. Burning data to the CD-ROM will provide basic data backup protection. There are some problems with this approach however.

Burning your files regularly for CDs requires human intervention and effort. This is not automatic. You have to take the time from your schedule to do it. People get busy, something happens and before you know it, you haven’t done data backups in more than a month later BAM! Your data is lost.

The second main threat to use CD as your data backup solution is that there are limitations in CD media. The first is that they will not survive fire. If the place or office is burning and you have saved your CD on the site, your data is missing too. The second problem with CD media is that the media itself is relegated from time to time. A new study found that CDs that were even advertised for the last 100 years lost data after only two or three years.

Burning data to the CD is certainly much better than doing anything but has limitations.

Save data to a web server

With the advent of cheap data storage options online, it is now possible to archive your most important data online. This option has the potential to protect you from theft and it is the choice of the site so that it protects you from fire. The only way theft can risk your data is if your computer is not protected by the default password and you choose to save all your passwords automatically in your application. If this happens, someone who gets physical access to your computer can definitely get access to your data. This problem is the side, save your files to the web server of course choices.

Limitations of backup data This solution usually ranges at costs for web server storage. While it usually costs an effective up to 2 GB of data, it is not suitable for backing up all worth of hard drive data.

In House Hardware Data Backup Solution

Other data backup technology solutions to equip your computer with a compatible motherboard RAID and install several hard drives on each computer. This option protects your computer from the hard drive crash. This will usually need the services of a computer hardware technician to set up. Done correctly, can pretty much protect you from all hardware failures losing data types.

These solutions typically do not protect you from theft as additional hard drives for RAID storage are usually installed in a computer or other equipment on the site. It usually will not protect you from fire either so this method does have its limitations.

Use a combination of all three data backup solutions

For maximum protection, you should consider using a combination of all three backup data solutions for maximum protection. Burn important documents to CD on a regular basis. Get a web hosting account with plenty of storage and upload important files to a web server. With this option, however, keep in mind that unless the data is encrypted at the end of your web server, the administrator has the potential to access all your data.

Finally, along with burning CDs and using the web server of the site, get a qualified computer technician to install a RAID system in your computer system. If cost is an issue, get at least one of your computers installed with a RAID hard drive capable and at least one hard drive to another.

Using three data backup solutions, you will minimize the risk of your data and your life.

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