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Why do Legal Companies Need Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Due to a lack of translators and interpreters in the UK, around 2600 legal cases were dropped or adjourned by UK courts in 2018. This is a clear indication of the importance of Legal Translation Services in Dubai, not just for lawyers but for all people.

Why are Legal Translation Services Vital?


Experts claim that Legal Translation Services have an impact on “people from all walks” Legal document translation services do not only address what is happening in the law courts. Why is this?

Let’s take a closer look at one example. Most refugees from any country speak a language other than their host countries. They still need legal representation to be able to deal with dozens of legal documents, such as to change their immigration status or to resolve any legal proceedings against them. They don’t need legal document translation services.

Why Legal Document Translation Services Not Error-Free?

Legal translation, while vital and essential to our lives, is also one of the most difficult and challenging domains of translation. Because law is culturally dependent, legal translation requires a deep understanding of both the target and source cultures.

Bukhari Translation has zero margin for error. A mistranslated of a phrase, a passage, or contract clause could lead to catastrophic consequences. Many people find themselves in prison for not understanding what is happening after being arrested.

Documents that require legal Translation Services in Dubai

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, immigrant or a law firm. You need to know the difference between legal documents. Here are the most common types of legal documents.

Immigration Documents

Potential immigrants, such as those who aren’t fluent in English, can have their immigration paperwork translated accurately to ensure they are informed throughout the process.

Legal Contracts

Your client may sign a contract to a foreign person or organization if you translate the document. Otherwise, your client could face financial penalties.

Corporate Documents

It’s also important to translate corporate documents when you or your client work in another country. This will help you save time and avoid a lot of hassle.

Financial Records

Financial document translations are not subject to error. Mistranslated could land you in jail!

Miscellaneous Legal Documents

These important documents, which include patents, trademark applications, copyright registers, trusts and wills as well as witness statements, require professional legal translation services.

How you can choose the best legal Translation Services in Dubai

Translation in Dubai are a very specialized area of the translation industry. Therefore, it is important that any law firm or business seeking this type of service looks for certain aspects in a translator partner. These include but aren’t limited to:



Translation is a highly unregulated industry. Many people and agencies claim their translations are excellent. But what does “great” actually mean? It is essential that a provider of legal documents translation services be certified by a higher authority such as the Association of Translation Companies.

Technical Expertise


Reputable law firms or businesses must ensure that they choose a translation service provider with a team of not only legal translators but also subject matter specialists.

Advanced Technology


A reliable translation supplier must use the most recent technology to reduce turnaround times, lower costs, and ensure consistency while also integrating automation and linguists in their translation services.



It is clear that a trustworthy translation service provider must be able to handle legal documents with care and confidentiality.

Why use Bukhari Translation

Bukhari Translation can help you source the best legal document translation services for your business. Our clients have hundreds of testimonials.

  • Bukhari Translation is able to outperform other suppliers in Bukhari Translation services market because of many advantages, including:
  • Our clients are top-notch: We have provided outstanding legal document translation services for over 200 global companies, ranging from SMEs to large corporations.

Rigorous Process

Our team is made up of professional, native translators, with legal-industry-specific expertise, who consistently deliver an error-free legal document translation service. They are proud to have translated over 40 million words in this area.

Is the best place to get legal Translation Services in Dubai from Bukhari Translation?

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