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Why a Web Development Company should insist their Developers to use GIT?

A question arise what is ‘GIT’, GIT is a program that works as a distributed revision control and source code management system which allows safe data integrity. GIT was designed and developed by Linux Kernel developers. Git is also an immensely popular Version Control System. It is being Web Development Company use GIT to track changes made to both open source and commercial projects.

What is GIT?

GIT is a program that works as a distributed revision control and source code management system. It allows safe data integrity, by distributing as well as providing non-linear work-flows when two or more developers are working on the same project.

From the above explanations, it is apparent how the software plays an important role by ensuring that all web development tasks are done smoothly without any major issues. So Why a web development company should use GIT? there are so many advantages in using GITS. Let us elaborate on why it has been recommended as must-use software for web developers.

– GIT is an Open-Source software

As referenced before, Git is an open source and free version control system. Henceforth, the web designers can utilize the tools without expanding project overheads. In any case, they can utilize Git to follow changes made to the source code of both commercial and open-source projects.

– GIT allows you to have several versions of a project at the same time

The GIT’s ability to permit backtracking of changes in the event that it becomes vital in the later stages is a seriously uncommon component.

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– GIT allows more than one developer to work on a project

The software is a great help for developer’s who have one or two misgivings about taking care of a typical undertaking simultaneously. The software is have The versions control system guarantees smooth running of the project without giving way to any kind of anarchy , when multiple developers are involved.

– GIT Maintain Security and Integrity of Source Code

In GIT each file is checked to be sure there was no bit loss during any file manipulation by GIT. GitHub provides a myriad of tools and repository settings to prevent data breaches and leaks.
Git uses a SHA1- a cryptographically secure hashing algorithm.

– GIT allows saving copies of project for backups

As more than one developers use it and make changes and run project at same time. The versions control system has the ability to save all changes, in case back-up is required.  This is vital as well as basic for a leading website development company since it’s absolutely impossible to lose data that you chipped away at an earlier stage of the project.

Taking everything into account, it’s essential to comprehend that GIT a savior in many aspects of web application development activities. Git has become one of the few necessary platforms to use in today’s web development world. It is a great tool that makes the developers life easier. So I recommend you go out and explore the various projects on GitHub and start contributing to your favorite ones.

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