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Which online whiteboard is best for you?

Which online whiteboard is best for you?

A rise in the use of whiteboards on the internet can be attributed in part to the covid pandemic. More and more people use whiteboards in their daily lives; they’re no longer just for brainstorming. There are a plethora of options accessible to you right now, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most significant players in their respective marketplaces include the ones listed below:

  • Useful for presentations and user experience (UX) teams, Dojoit is a great option.
  • Google’s Jamboard is a good free alternative with some basic capabilities, however, it lacks several features.
  • The Microsoft Whiteboard is a must-have for Surface Hub and Windows devices.

If you’re in the market for a virtual or online whiteboard, this post is for you. Before deciding on one of these services, make sure to try a few of them out for free.

Online Whiteboard Use Cases

Do you have any good friends at work?

An online whiteboard program should first and foremost allow you to collaborate with others. Video conferencing may be done using tools like Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, while screen sharing can be done with others. When using a whiteboard for the first time, it’s a good idea to try it out with a group of people first. The addition of text, images, and post-it notes is simple. Are there ways for several people to contribute at the same time?

Another aspect is the ease with which new users may be added to the system. Joining forces with others means creating individual accounts for each member of your group. Making your online whiteboards read-only for a limited number of people is a good idea.

Is your personal information secure? If that’s the case, where do you keep it?

It’s far too easy to overlook the importance of security. Using cloud-based programs, how much do you know about their security? No, I have no idea where it’s being held at this time. Security breaches are a real and present concern in today’s economic world. Putting your data at risk is something you should never do.

The location of my data storage is a major concern of mine.

During transit and at rest, does the database in which my data is kept have adequate security measures?

  • If so, where can I get it? By using your company’s Identity Provider, SSO removes the requirement for new accounts (which your IT department will appreciate).
  • Is it possible to use the online whiteboard tool in a controlled setting on AWS GovCloud?
  • Is the manufacturer willing to talk to you about their procedures and policies?
  • If the manufacturer of the product compromises your personal information, will you be notified?

Is there a backup strategy in place in the event that something goes wrong? It’s not a good feeling when you check in to find that all of your data has been deleted.

For your whiteboards, do you have any particular ideas in mind?

In your digital whiteboard, what type of content will you include? That merits consideration. Apart from photos, text, and post-it notes, what else are you planning to include in there? On your digital whiteboard, you may want to incorporate the following:

  1. Post-it notes or sticky notes can be used to keep track of ideas.
  2. Images may be used to quickly convey ideas or information.
  3. An excellent tool for flowcharting and visual depictions of links.
  4. Subjects for retrospectives are determined by a majority vote.
  5. Use PDFs and other materials to display supplementary information.
  6. Shapes can be used to represent flow charts or graphics.
  7. Text is used to write down important ideas on a whiteboard.

What other file types are supported for exporting your online whiteboard?

Once you’ve done your work, is there a method to store it? Using an app that lets you save your whiteboard as a PNG or vector graphic, you may copy and paste your notes onto the screen (PDF, SVG). If the file is in vector graphics format, your content will appear crisper when zoomed in. Since the data is kept in routes, it is possible to expand vector formats without affecting quality.

Working with data in other apps, such as Excel, may require the usage of a textual format (such as TXT or CSV). A programmatic interface to a digital whiteboard is essential if you have programmers that need to access data on a digital whiteboard through API. “Application Programming Interface” is the acronym for API. You’re essentially letting software developers utilize your whiteboard as a data source. Useful for automating tasks or connecting to third-party software programs.

It’s important to know why I’m using a whiteboard online.

Lastly, think about what you want to accomplish with the virtual whiteboard you just created. Signing up for free trials is a must if you want to ensure that the products you’re demoing meet your needs. If you’re just getting started, here are some examples of frequent use cases:

  • Techniques include brainstorming and ideation for obtaining ideas from your team.
  • Make a note of important decisions and actions to be made during a meeting.
  • User narrative mapping is a great way to plan the customer experience for your product.
  • Agile planning includes program increment planning, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
  • The usage of personas and empathy maps in UX research and design is beneficial.

If you’re looking for a fun approach to bring your group together and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, consider using icebreakers.

A team of people working together to develop a new product or improve an existing one.


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