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Where Can You Put a Park Model Homes?

Park model homes and small houses are intended to be moveable structures. For that reason, a lot of individuals assume, “I will pick a house to purchase now, and work out where to place it tomorrow. After all, I can place it anywhere I want, right?”

Actually, there are two critical reasons why you should begin thinking about where you want to locate your house early in the purchase process:

  1. Not every form of small home is suitable for every region.
  2. Once you’ve decided where you’re going to place your house, you can start thinking about the features that will go with it.

Self-Assessment Questions

Before you begin looking for a little house, you should always ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I want to live in a neighborhood or on private property?
  2. In which state(s) do I want to reside?
  3. How often do I intend to move in the future?
  4. Where do I wish to reside in terms of geography?
  5. How private will the venue be?
  6. What sort of weather might I expect?
  7. What state and local laws must I be aware of?

Why Are Park Model Homes More Common Than “Tiny Houses”?

We recommend that you look for a park model home rather than a small house for one simple reason. Park model homes are constructed to code, making them safer and more regulatory-acceptable than small residences.

In truth, no conventional legal definition of a “small dwelling” exists.

As a consequence, authorities often do not designate them as “homes” at all, and may outright prohibit them in certain localities. RV and mobile home parks often refuse them as well.

However, since a park model home is legally classified as an RV, they are accepted at considerably more mobile and RV parks, and most governments have fewer limits on where they may be placed.

Where Can You Put a Park Model Home?

Now that you understand the differences between park models and small houses, as well as some critical considerations for placement, let’s look at some of the places where you may live in a park model home.

  1. Park for RVs or Mobile Homes

Living in a park model house allows you to live in an RV or mobile home park. If you lived in a “small home,” you could have fewer options for parks. However, with a park model house, there should be enough.


  1. It is simple to get immediate housing in your park model house.
  2. There is no need for you to do anything to prepare the property. The utilities have already been installed.
  3. You are not required to follow construction regulations for private property usage.
  4. If necessary, you may migrate to another park in the future.
  5. You will have a neighborhood of neighbors to get to know. They may become excellent pals at times. They may also be able to teach you how to live with a lesser carbon impact.


  1. Not every RV park community is warm and secure.
  2. In an RV park, privacy is restricted.

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Park Model Home Advantages

If you want to live in an RV or mobile home park, we suggest selecting a house with appropriate privacy features.

A house with fewer windows might be a smart choice.

APH-531 Champion Athens – Exterior (Illustration)

One option is the two-bedroom Athens 531 seen above. Consider the Athens 516 below for a more rustic aesthetic.

APH-516 Champion Athens Exterior Model

High-quality soundproofing will also help you feel more private in a park.

  1. Your current home or newly purchased land

Another alternative is to build a park model house on private property, if it is permitted in your town. It might be placed on property with an existing full-size home as a guest house or other add-on, or it could be placed on fresh ground acquired specifically for this purpose.


  1. You own the land and have power over it.
  2. No one has the authority to kick you from the property. You may remain as long as you own the property.
  3. You have far more privacy than in a park.
  4. Depending on where the property is located, you may enjoy beautiful vistas.


  1. You may need to install utilities before moving into the property.
  2. If you do not already own the land, you will need to fund its acquisition.

Park Model Home Advantages

Make the most of your surroundings if you have plenty of open space and beautiful vistas. Choose a park model with great views via large windows, such as our Timber Ridge Denali model:

Another excellent suggestion is to get a house with a large porch, such as the Athens 520, so you can completely enjoy the outdoors:

Other Considerations for Park Model Home Locations and Features

Finally, consider the following factors while selecting a park model for a site:

  • Are you relocating to a warmer climate? Choose a house with ceiling fans and windows that can be opened for an excellent cross-breeze.
  • Are you putting your house in a chilly climate? Choose a house with high-quality insulation.
  • If you will be living in a rainy location, choose a house with a slanted roof that will drain rain and snow.

Tiny Home Builders California is a top-rated company located in Los Angeles that specializes in building high-quality park model homes. Tiny Home Builders California offers an alternative to traditional home living by providing customizable and efficient housing solutions without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Their team of experienced professionals understands the needs of today’s mobile lifestyle.

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