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Where And How To Buy Crisps

Crisps are a snack food with a long history. They were first sold by street vendors in the UK in the 17th century and were originally made from fried slices of potato. In Canada, “crisps” are commonly referred to as chips or potato chips (depending on who you ask). However, crisps are popular worldwide and can be found anywhere you look—even if they’re called something else!

In the UK, crisps are packaged and sold in many stores differently than in Canada.

If you are looking for crisps in the UK, don’t expect them to be sold in cans. Crisps come in bags and are called crisps, not chips. These bags contain smaller amounts than their Canadian counterparts; however, they have more flavours available than any Canadian bag I’ve seen.

You can find crisps at your local grocery store or convenience store (aka “off-license”), but in England, these places carry a wide selection of products that you won’t find at home–including alcohol! As far as I know, Canada does not allow off-licences to sell beer or other alcoholic beverages except within restaurants with liquor licenses.

Crisps are more expensive than chips.

If you’re looking to buy crisps, be prepared to shell out more cash than you would if you were buying chips. The average price of crisps in the UK works out of various flavours. Here’s how it stacks up against other snack foods.

Most of the same flavour varieties sold in Canada

Crisps are the British word for chips and are just as popular in Canada for britain store. Crisps are sold in flavours like sour cream, onion, salt, vinegar, or cheese. The same flavour varieties sold in Canada can also be found in the UK; however, there are some differences between the two countries’ crisps selection.

Some common British crisps varieties include: Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar (or Pickled Onion). Crisps” is a much more popular term for potato chips in Canada than “chips. Crisps are a generic term for all kinds of fried potato snacks, which is why the Brits use it to refer to any chip. The most common British equivalent for the word “chip” is “crisp.” However, we’ll get into more detail about how you can use these different types of chips in your story later on. For now, remember that there are some major differences between our countries’ terminology regarding fried potatoes.

There are non-potato chip varieties available too.

You may be surprised to learn that not all of the chips in Canada are potatoes. Corn and tortilla chips are very popular, and those two varieties have many unique flavours. Of course, you’ll also find the standard potato chip varieties in Canada, such as barbecue or sour cream & onion—but there’s a chance for even more exciting flavours here! Some specialty brands make garlic-flavoured chips and even beetroot flavored crisps just waiting for you to try them out.

Most importantly: if you can’t find your favourite brand of chips at a store near you (and don’t want to order online), go with whatever brand is available! This may mean picking up something completely different from what they sell on this side of the pond; we’ve included a list below so that, once again, we can help get everything sorted out quickly and easily.

Some flavours you thought were common (or even invented) in Canada.

Crisps (or chips in the U.S.) are a popular snack food worldwide, but some flavours you thought were common (or even invented) in Canada started their journey south of the border.

Dill Pickle: A staple flavour at all Canadian chip companies, this flavour was first produced by Lays in the 1980s after experimenting with various pickle blends and finding one deemed “mouth-watering” by consumers. Chilli: Another hit with Canadians, but Chili Cheese Curls can trace their roots back to 1996 when General Mills introduced them at an American football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers. 

Garlic & Onion: While they may not be as popular as other flavours such as BBQ or Salt & Vinegar, this unique combination has been around since 1961 when Kettle Chips released it as part of their new line called “Bubble O’ Fun” (a name which has since been changed). Curry: This popular taste originated from Walkers Crisps in Scotland, who created Chicken Tikka Masala flavoured for World Curry Day 2016 before releasing it for wider distribution a year later–but Canadian consumers didn’t get access until 2019! Pizza: While pizza isn’t exactly known as being Canadian cuisine—it’s probably because we don’t have enough pizzerias–this particular flavour was developed right here on home turf before being sold stateside!

The Brits love their crisps just as much as Canada loves their chips!

The Brits love their crisps just as much as the Canadians do and also yorkshire tea! The Americans and Australians love their crisps just as much as the Canadians do! The Americans and Aussies love their crisps just as much as the Canadians do, so it’s not surprising that you can find crisp packets in your local British newsagent or supermarket.


To sum up, when it comes to crisps and chips, there are quite a few differences between what is available in Canada and the UK. While we’ll always love poutine, I will start stocking up on my favourite flavours of crisps! In conclusion, there are a number of distinctions between the chips offered in Canada and the UK. We’ll always enjoy poutine, but I’m going to start stocking up on my favorite crisp flavors!

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