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What’s The Variance Between Rockwool-Insulated Panels And PUR?

This blog entry, you’ll discover everything you need to be aware of about the distinction in PUR and Rockwool metal panels that are insulate. rockwool flexi First, we will discuss the differences in the insulation central part of the panels.

Then, we’ll go into the details and discuss more precisely the distinct features in PUR as well as Rockwool sandwich panel. The distinction between polyurethane panels and rock wool-insulate panels lies in the insulating central part in the core of the panel.

The insulation core of a rockwool flexi slab made of polyurethane is a solid Polyurethane Foam (PUR also known as PU). This foam will be pour over two metal supports in the course of production. This foam, once it is in contact with air, will solidify and bond the two plates, forming an unidirectional product with a tremendous insulating value.

Polyurethane rigid (PUR) product insulation is extremely effective and light, and is able to bond to a variety of substances. Its low thermal conductivity and its high strength-to-weight ratio together with its excellent manufacturing flexibility offer a variety of products. In the end, PUR insulation is the best choice for the majority of construction applications.

The insulation core of the rockwool panels is composed of the rock wool, also known as mineral wool. It is then bond between two sheets, creating an all-in-one product. Mineral wool can be describ as any fibrous substance create by spinning or drawing rocks or minerals that are molten like slag and ceramics.

The uses of mineral wool are thermal insulation (as structural insulation as well as pipe insulation, although it’s not as fire-proof as high-temperature insulation) and filtration. It also serves as soundproofing, filtration as well as hydroponic medium for growth.

What Are The Differences Between These Two Types Of Insulated Panels

  •         Insulation Value
  •         Fire Behaviour;
  •         Sound isolation
  •         The installation and manipulation in the correct place.

Let’s go over these distinctions in greater specificity.

1. Insulation Value

The insulation value of polyurethane is greater than that of rock wool. What does that mean? This is because at the same thickness of insulation, the polyurethane is more insulating. A 50mm thick polyurethane sheet is insulate like an 80mm thickness rock wool board.

2. Fire Behaviour

Polyurethane is a chemical compound that can in a lesser or greater degree tend to ignite the flames. The rock Wool is made up of inorganic components and therefore does not aid in the spread of flames.

What exactly does rockwool flexi refer to? It means that if there is a requirement to find a product which provides a fire resistance of an hour, or two or even three hours, you will need to use a wall of rock wool.

3. Sound Insulation

The main benefit of the Rock wool wool panel lies in that it makes a contribution that is superior in reducing noise since the fibres of rock wool cut off the acoustic waves and diminish their power.

7 Things You Need to Be aware of about Rockwool Insulation Prior to Installing It at Your Home

Fibreglass insulation has been a preferred choice to reduce the transfer of heat through ceilings and walls of a house. Although it could have added benefits of creating a fire-proof layer between exterior and interior walls, it will not match the capabilities inherent to Rockwool.

Similar to rockwool floor insulation is an insulation substance commonly employed in commercial, residential industrial and commercial structures. But, Rockwool can be differentiat from fibreglass by its heat retention, moisture resistance, and resistance to fire and soundproofing abilities. Continue reading to learn more details about Rockwool insulation.

1. The Rockwool Ingredient Is Which Is Heated To Form The Consistency Of Lava.

The process by which Rockwool insulation is create is a way to demonstrate the fire-resistant properties for this material. It’s made of primarily basalt rock as well as a recycle byproduct of the steelmaking process call slag.

The components are superheat, permitting them to melt and form a lava-like liquid. To melt these materials the temperature must reach the temperature of 2,900 degrees F. This mixture then gets blown through a huge spinning chamber that is design to expand the superheat liquid into fibres.

2. It Is Composed Of Between 16 And 75 Percent Recycled Materials

The confusion regarding the quantity of recycled materials used in the production of rockwool fire insulation is mostly attributable to the stats on mineral wool insulation as a whole.

3. It Is Extremely Heat-Retention

Fibreglass and Rockwool are efficient in keeping homes cool in summer, and warm in winter. However, the particular thermal effectiveness of both substances favour Rockwool. Fibreglass insulation can decrease its efficiency in thermal terms over time when it starts to degrade.

Because of the method used for construction and the materials used in making Insulation made of Rockwool, the heat efficiency of this insulation stays constant throughout the life of the structure. But, Rockwool tends to cost more per square foot than fibreglass insulation.

4. Rockwool Is A Durable Insulation Choice

The long-term reliability of the insulation material is hard to doubt, considering that it has the ability to maintain its thermal efficiency for a number of years without a significant decrease in its R value.

This is due in large part to the components used to create Rockwool insulation. But, the strength of rockwool pipe insulation doesn’t stop at the quality of heat retention of the material. The outstanding water resistance, mould resistance, mildew resistance, fire-resistance all contribute to the long-lasting and performance of the insulation made from Rockwool rockwool flexi.

This is particularly true for the insulation’s water-resistant properties that without it, the insulation can hold and absorb moisture from extremely humid air, leading to premature degradation of the material.

The Bottom Line

The improved insulation capabilities allow homeowners to keep their home in a comfortable temperature longer without having to alter your thermostat. This means you’ll be able to pay back the initial investment in a few years. Additionally, due to rock wool insulation’s durability over time it will ensure that your home is efficiently insulated with minimal maintenance required for a long time to become.


Cinthia Rosa

As the marketing head at Galaxy Insulation & Dry Lining in the UK, Cinthia Rosa has a reputed name in the industry. She consistently contributes her valuable knowledge to top blogging sites.

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