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What to Consider While Designing a Parallel Kitchen Layout

When choosing the modular kitchen design, if ‘efficiency’, ‘space-saving’, and ‘productivity are the top of your priority list, you might require to consider the Parallel Kitchen Interior Design or galley kitchen. Parallel Kitchen Interior Design is one of the most well-known and most beloved kitchen designs. They are still a popular alternative amongst cooking professionals, or solely home chefs who are all regarding efficiency and functionality. In simple words, the Parallel Kitchen Interior Design is for those kitchen professionals who take the profession of cooking thoughtfully.


What is a Parallel Kitchen Interior?

A parallel kitchen interior is solely a design in which the cupboards and countertops operate in two perpendicular lines, ordinarily on opposing walls. The dual row allows plenty of area and countertop space.


When Would You Prefer a Parallel Kitchen Interior Design?

A Parallel Kitchen Interior Design is one of the great options for those who are struggling with limited space. Exceptionally, if solely one is cooking in the kitchen, this design is an excellent option. If you have a gate or window in your kitchen that won’t enable you to install up your kitchen simultaneously one wall, formerly the space-saving parallel kitchen is expected to be your best chance. Additionally, there is no ambiguity about consumed edge spaces.


Points to Examine While Designing a Parallel Kitchen Layout

Maintain the tiniest distance of approximately 3 to 4 feet separating the two sides of your parallel kitchen design to give yourself sufficient area to walk. Attempt to install the oven and sink on the corresponding side for assistance. Maximize cupboard space but guarantee that you have sufficient room to open the gates without any hindrance.


Can You Join a Modular Kitchen Island for this Design?

Most maximum parallel kitchen plans don’t provide adequate space for a kitchen island. It’s quite refreshing to have sufficient space for a functioning modular kitchen island. You could examine receiving a narrow board on wheels if you believe you have a quantity of area connecting the two sides. This can accommodate additional counter space and can be transferred out of the route if there are more numerous people in the modular kitchen. It can likewise be turned around and used as a trolley. You could moreover, go for a breakfast cubbyhole that would increase the tablespace and enable you to have an interactive area.


Trending Designs and Layouts

The traditional and modern-day parallel kitchen design is exposed to a diversity of methods and finishes. If you’re apportioning with a more petite area, you might discover that bright colors or simple finishes are more comfortable on the eye, while addressing space looks a little bigger. But if you have loads of tangible light in your area, you could go for a deep color even if you have a miniature area. Deep shades in the modular kitchen will give your kitchen a look fresh and fashionable.


Go For Black Modular Kitchen

Black is an excellent alternative to create your modular parallel kitchen to look sharp and smooth. Black and other dark colors are likewise very accepting of small meals in the kitchen. If you obtain all-black to be extremely strong a step or too powerful, go for a black color simply on the beneath cabinets and prefer a light shade for the overhead cabinets.


Complimentary highlights of the parallel kitchen design are:

  • Getting the most beneficial use of the usable space
  • Fitting for tiny to medium-sized kitchens
  • No corner area is used so cupboards can be easily combined
  • It blocks a tiny kitchen from appearing dark and claustrophobic
  • Strategically installed illumination to brighten the space


Wondering if a parallel kitchen design is the correct choice?

Investigate different modular kitchen layouts that can apply in your kitchen – and just be the correct dimension for it. For more clarification, you can check out the website and blogs on the Modular Kitchen Designs and choose the correct design for your modular kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Get all your queries quickly answered. Book a free appointment with our expert professional designers today to search kitchen alternatives for your new stylist’s home.


Is the Parallel Modular Kitchen Work Triangle Obedient with Vastu Shastra?

Well, undoubtedly, the answer is yes. If you possess the liberty to create a kitchen design from the start, it is quite obvious to incorporate both Vastu Shastra and the work triangle. However, if for you Vastu Shastra becomes first before here is an expert professional-approved system. There are some certain laws as stated in our Vastu Shastra Tips for a Healthful Kitchen that one should be attentive to. If someone faces any issues like the placement of the sink, stove, and electrical appliances, or the appearance of the program are sorted out previously, the modular kitchen already becomes Vastu Shastra-compliant.

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