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What Is Virtual Personal Training?

Virtual personal training is a fitness program that uses technology to connect you with your trainer. With today’s advancements in communication, people can meet online through text, video chat, and email.

Anyone can get started for free who has access to the internet. Whether you’re an avid gym-goer or someone looking for advice on how to work out at home, virtual personal trainers provide instruction on anything from weight loss stretches, yoga workouts, and pilates.

Why Choose Virtual Personal Training?

Save money when working out alone by having your personalized trainer without paying hefty gym prices or hiring a full-time trainer

1- Have unlimited access when you pay per month instead of by the visit 

2- No need for special gear when all you need is an internet connection 

3- Get access from anywhere you have an internet connection, whether on a desktop or laptop computer or a smartphone or tablet

How Does Virtual Personal Training Work?

1-Join a virtual personal training website and sign up for the monthly membership fee

2- Fill out your profile with background information about your fitness goals, your current level of expertise, and any limitations that prevent you from attaining these goals 

3- Some trainers will base their workouts on this information, while others allow you to choose what workout they provide

4- Workout at home or go through a series of exercises in real-time with one on one instruction from your trainer via video chat, email, or text messaging

What Does Virtual Personal Training Include?

There are various virtual personal training services available, offering everything from full-body workouts to specific muscle groups. You can choose a combination of exercises that you enjoy and feel confident about doing.

1- Gives you a customized workout plan according to your fitness level

2- Provides a healthy eating plan for up to seven days which includes the calories, fat content, and nutritional information for three meals per day as well as snacks (if applicable)

3- Provides support by email if needed after each session

How Much Does Virtual Personal Training Cost?

Virtual personal training is generally available at an unlimited monthly price or hourly. A typical rate is $20-$50 per hour. If budget is not an issue, you can purchase professional online coaching starting at around $100 per month.

What Are The Benefits?

Many people choose virtual personal training because it’s convenient, but there are many other good reasons to give it a try:

1- No competition, no waiting for equipment

2- Bypass daily crowded gym atmosphere

3- Minimum travel time and cost – Allows you to exercise at any time of day or night, whenever your schedule allows it (if you can’t get to the gym during regular business hours)

4- Ideal for anyone who doesn’t like working out in public, including introverts who would rather get their workout done without feeling self

5-conscious about how they look while doing the exercises

What Are The Drawbacks?

Virtual personal trainers don’t meet you in person, so communication is typically limited to text messages or phone calls. It may leave you feeling a bit disconnected, as though your trainer is out of reach and unreachable at times.

Anyone who has ever been to the gym knows that some workouts are more strenuous than others, but it’s easy to push yourself harder when someone is standing next to you, cheering you. Virtual personal trainers provide support via email or phone but don’t meet with their clients in person, so they can’t motivate you as easily as a live trainer could.

Virtual personal trainers also lack experience working with people in person. For example, if you’re doing an exercise wrong, it can be hard for them to tell and then correct it. Not everyone likes working out alone: Feeling isolated might cause some people to lose motivation or interest. You don’t get to try out different types of equipment before purchasing them.


Virtual personal training can be a great option if you’re looking to get in shape but don’t have the time or transportation needed to go to a gym. You don’t need any equipment, and It can provide your workouts according to your schedule, not one dictated by a trainer’s availability. Virtual trainers don’t meet their clients in person, so that they may lack experience guiding people through physical exercises. They also do not provide help with dieting or motivation.

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