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What is the significance of Hindi language?

What is the significance of Hindi language?

Hindi is an ancient language which not only has a significant impact on world history but today as well, it continues to have a significant impact on the lives of many. India is a land of so many languages, out of which Hindi remains the most common language. More people including the ones living in other countries take online home tuition to learn Hindi.

The roots of Hindi language can be traced back to the 7th century but lately people don’t give due acknowledgment to Hindi and started learning the English language. But honestly, learning Hindi has its own charms and can’t be underestimated.  Even our New Education Policy supports offering teaching students in their regional language so that they can easily understand the concepts.

The policy further mentioned that wherever possible, the mode of learning until minimum Grade 5, but likely till Grade 8 and much more, must be the mother-tongue only. And in countries like India where the majority of people speak Hindi, taking online Hindi tuition at home to become an expert in the same has become essential.

Significance of Hindi Language


2. Ancient

The Hindi language is one of the ancient languages and has a direct line of development to Sanskrit. As Hindi plays an imperative role in the momentous expansion of the world’s cultures and thus studying it is definitely worthy. Anyone having an awareness of world history or languages can understand the concepts more by learning Hindi.

With India emerging as the superpowers, learning Hindi by taking home tuition in Hindi has become more important like never before as learning can have a huge and much larger impact on the lives of the learners.

3. Culture

Another reason for knowing Hindi is the fact that India has one of the largest and powerful film industries across the world. Indian cinema or Bollywood has huge fan followers across the world and has significantly added many innovations to the world of film.

If you are a student of global culture and want to know more about Indian cinema then you must take Ziyyara’s online Hindi tuition near me to experience some of these best award winning Hindi films. In order to truly appreciate their performance, knowledge of Hindi would surely prove beneficial to you.

Knowing Hindi language by taking online Hindi tuition can immediately give you numerous opportunities to be a part of tremendous and huge Indian cinema and experience it.

4. Why Learn Hindi

Hindi is the official language of India and no doubt is a verbal communication among the maximum number of people. The Indian economy is rapidly emerging, thus creating more opportunities for other nations for doing business here.

India is also becoming a nation of development and entrepreneurship, with more inventions taking place here. More technology companies are there in India and many PE/VC companies also look forward to investing in India to get higher return on investment.

5. When knowing English isn’t sufficient

Visitors coming to India or to any other South Asian country where Hindi is spoken find some difficulty while interacting with locals. Many visitors assume that English being a universal language of Indian business is spoken by everyone, but in reality Hindi occupies a significant position in the South Asian business world. Businesses planning to set up their venture in India require professionals who are expert in speaking and understanding a high level of Hindi so that they can easily communicate in Hindi with the locals.

Another fact that remains a valid reason to acquire Hindi learning skills is the fact that Hindi is spoken by more than 500 million Indians as compared to almost 8-10% of the population who knows English.

6. Massive Career Options

Proficiency in Hindi language can prove to be an asset for those planning to start their career with an international company. Many BPOs, IT companies, etc. have already established their massive presence in India and leading corporations such as Tata, Reliance, Dell, Wipro, etc. of  Indian origin have developed links with international companies.

So imagine the pool of opportunities one can explore by learning Hindi. Moreover, the South Asian region is also home to more non-governmental organizations as compared to any other region in the world. Having a mastery of Hindi by taking online tuition for Hindi is important for doing the daily task in a hassle-free manner. From large-size international organizations to organizations operating in villages, all need active Hindi speakers.

7. Gives you a chance to understand the Indian Culture

India has the presence of some of the world’s renowned film associations, fashion hubs, and music industries, etc. which have a great influence on global culture. Studying Hindi from online home tuition for Hindi can help you understand an unparalleled cultural connection and will help you get a better understanding of major cultural currents in the world today.

Hindi language learning acts as a doorway to learning different kinds of similar South Asian scripts and languages which are quite similar to Hindi. The Devanagari script of Hindi is also used to write other languages like Nepali, Marathi, etc. and the scripts used to write other languages like Punjabi, Bengali, etc. are somewhere related to Hindi as well.

Knowing any language can prove to be an asset for you, but skills acquired in languages like Hindi are more valued and appreciated. Many international businesses have already forayed or are planning to set up their business in India and establishing business with no knowledge of Hindi will make it challenging. Thus to ensure that work goes smoothly, a lot of companies have started to appoint proficient speakers who are well versed in this language.

Hindi skills remain nonetheless extremely rare especially among Americans, which in turn increases the demand of active Hindi speakers. Acquiring Hindi skills can give a competitive edge to you and make you set apart from others, so the sooner you start taking Hindi home tuition, the better it will be for you.

Learning Hindi gives you a chance to acquire Other Languages as well

Many people assume that learning different languages might confuse their minds and mess up everything but in reality, it will prepare you to learn other languages. The more you study languages, the better it will be for you while practicing the same in the future.

The reasons for this are:

  •      Learning a new language helps improve your confidence level and gives you the ability to learn a language.
  •      Taking Hindi tuition at home helps boost the entire learning process.
  •      Students’ cognitive abilities and understanding of language improve manifolds.

Language learning with Ziyyara: An Excellent Time to start Learning

Language learning is cumulative, you don’t have to wait for the right time, as the time when you start learning is the right time only. If you are waiting for the “right time” to begin with your online home tuition in Hindi sessions, then you are making a major mistake as it might result in your goals ending up unachieved.

Rather commit to yourself to learn Hindi at a pace that works for you. One day, you will acquire new skills with your practice and dedication. New language skills can only be developed if you practice more, and with platforms like Ziyyara offering online Hindi tuition near me, learning a new language becomes easy.

So visit Ziyyara to book online tuition for Hindi now.

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