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What Is Shorthand Writing – Your Easy Step By Step Guide

From lecture notes to study notes, university involves a variety of writing. Not only do you need to write down frequently, but you furthermore may need to write at a decent pace so as to keep up with academics while they’re talking. This might make it worthwhile to be able to learn shorthand. Let’s get an idea of what is shorthand writing, why it’s a treasured talent to have, and how you can begin mastering how to write shorthand.

What is Shorthand Writing?

Shorthand is a device of writing that makes use of symbols to symbolize letters, words, or phrases. Writing with shorthand symbols lets you write down at a faster pace than conventional handwriting. You will quickly learn that shorthand is likewise utilized by many professionals, in places together with law courts. There are multiple types of shorthand writing. The first present-day device was developed by Sir Isaac Pitman in 1837.

In his system, Pitman used symbols to symbolize the sounds made through words. This system is referred to as Pitman shorthand and remains famous in the UK today. In 1888, John Robert Gregg posted his very own system of shorthand. While he studied Pitman shorthand, he determined to make modifications that he thought might enhance the shorthand system.

He then took the Gregg shorthand system to the United States, which has since turned out to be the most famous form of shorthand telling people what is shorthand writing. Another famous form of short writing isTeeline. It is one of the more recent systems because it evolved in 1968. This system was given quite a variety of popularity in the British Commonwealth, and it is frequently taught to journalists.

How To Write Shorthand


Step 1: Choose A System

Firstly, you need to pick which system you need to study. Consider how plenty time you need to learn the system, in addition to how speedy you want in order to write. Some of the faster structures of shorthand are more recent variations of Pitman and Gregg shorthand. Examples of those are Gregg Pre-Anniversary, Gregg Anniversary, and New Era Pitman. If you have constrained time, the faster variations of shorthand to learn are Gregg Diamond Jubilee and Pitman 2000.

Let’s check the what is shorthand writing major systems that you may pick from:

Pitman Shorthand

If you grasp this form of quick writing, you must be capable of writing 2 hundred words per minute. This device makes use of thick and thin strokes to symbolize unique sounds so you will need a steel-tipped pen to write down this kind of shorthand. The system additionally makes use of a variety of dots and dashes.

Gregg Shorthand

This system suggests vowels with circles, and there may be a heavy quantity of symbols to memorize. While it could take a long time to analyze, this system will let you write over 2 hundred words per minute as soon as you have mastered it.

Teeline Shorthand

This is a form of shorthand this is based on the styles of the alphabet. It includes writing smaller vowels and consonants and specializing in writing crucial letters. This form of shorthand is likewise frequently taught to journalists.

Step 2: Gather The Right Learning Resources

Once you select a system, you may begin collecting sources to discover ways to use it. One of the best places to begin understanding – what is shorthand writing will be the internet. Look for textual content and video tutorials on a way to use the system in addition to exercise examples. Some excellent YouTube channels that offer tutorials on shorthand consist of Shorthandly and Teeline Online.

Other places you can look at consist of neighborhood libraries, bookstores, and online bookstores. Because many shorthand books may also not be in print, many bookstores might not deliver them. In this case, it’d be awesome to test out libraries as frequently libraries preserve older books in addition to more recent books. It can also be an awesome concept to test out a few old “test kits.”

These kits frequently consist of recordings of how to use shorthand in addition to written notes. They may consist of assessments so you can test your progress. Finally, you may want to search for a shorthand dictionary, so that it will display to you exactly what is shorthand writing and a way to write extraordinary words in shorthand.

Step 3: Practicing Shorthand

Before you begin getting to know what is shorthand writing, it is crucial to observe that it’ll possibly take some time before you get a grasp of it. If ever you listen to claims that you may learn shorthand in some hours, you need to not take them too seriously.

When you begin practicing, ensure that you make the effort to grasp the shorthand symbols before attempting to build up your pace. Doing so will make sure that you do not make too many errors from the beginning. It is likewise crucial to remember that your pace will increase as you become more comfortable with the system.

To conclude

Shorthand additionally offers personal advantages including enhancing your listening, summarizing, and memory skills. It is likewise desirable to your CV because it indicates you’ve got got a dedication to getting to know a new ability.

Overall, shorthand reduces the time you spend on short writing, and the time which you save may be utilized for different tasks. Now that you know what is shorthand writing, a way to analyze it, and why it is a valuable ability, you may attempt it for yourself!

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