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What is Naad Yoga? Know its benefits and how to do it

To stay healthy, it is very important to keep a balanced diet and do yoga. People do different types of yoga for their physical ability and physical health, but in this hectic life, they do not make any special effort to get relief and take care of mental health. There are many types of yoga and now and then yoga-like hot yoga and nude yoga are also included in our life to maintain health. Have you ever heard of Nada Yoga? If not, then today we will tell you about the things related to Naad Yoga and its benefits. The process of Naad Yoga is a very good process to make you healthy. Its regular practice gives you the strength to deal with depression as well as heart disease, besides being effective in increasing concentration, it also helps you to be happy.

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What is Nada Yoga?

Actually, Nada Yoga is yoga-related to sound. Which works to create mutual harmony between body and soul. Nada Yoga is believed to help you reach the ultimate elements of nature through sound. Naad Yoga keeps your body, soul, and mind completely healthy. To get peace, this yoga is done in many countries including India. While doing Nada Yoga, a sound emanates from your body in the form of energy, which keeps your mental health better and motivates you to be happy. This yoga is considered very effective for the purpose of nurturing your soul. While doing this yoga, a vibration is created in your body, which increases your immunity and gives you a peaceful environment. Let us know about some of the benefits of Naad Yoga.

1. Boosts Immunity

By the way, there are many remedies and many yogas to increase immunity. But the way to increase immunity through Naad Yoga is considered to be more effective naturally. The vibrations emanating from Naad Yoga or coming in contact with the sound increase your immunity. Along with this, Naad Yoga also reduces your mental stress and does not allow any kind of stress on the mind, which increases your immunity. Meditation and yoga are also directly related to your immune system. This is a very effective recipe. Especially in the Corona period, the talk of increasing immunity has become very popular.

2. Beneficial in Depression

Nada yoga is considered very effective to get rid of the problem of depression. There are 7 chakras in the human body, which we also know as the center of energy. It is very important to keep these energy-giving centers balanced. These centers play a vital role in the mood or mental development of the body. In this case, Nada Yoga helps you. Its practice maintains balance in all those centers so that all the energy chakras are able to do their work smoothly. Nada Yoga, done as music therapy, gives you relief in depression. In such a situation, your attention is attracted to the vibration and sound coming out of the body. People suffering from depression or suffering loneliness are considered very capable of making them feel at peace.

3. Helps in Stay Happy

To keep us happy and active as a neurotransmitter in our body, there are two hormones called Dopamine and Serotonin, which when unbalanced cause other problems including stress in the body. In such a situation, regular practice of Nada Yoga helps in increasing both these hormones present in your body. Due to which your mood improves as well as your mood also improves. The practice of Naad Yoga brings you into a state of relaxation and completely de-stresses it. Which makes you happy internally.

4. Relief in Breathing Problems

Nada Yoga removes the problems happening in your respiratory system as well as removes other respiratory disorders. Sitting in a calm environment, this yoga makes the flow of the breath you take and exhale smoothly. Nada yoga is also considered more beneficial for people suffering from respiratory problems. Generally, breathing problems are caused due to mental stress or allergies, etc. From which relief can be found through yoga.

5. Increases Concentration

Naada Yoga not only saves you from problems but also calms your body and increases the power of thinking, understanding as well as increases concentration. This gives your body the ability to understand the activities happening around you. This also increases your memory power. According to research done on this subject, there is a great increase in the efficiency of the brain of those who do Naad Yoga regularly. By doing this process daily, it becomes easier to focus the attention in one place.

Method of doing Naad Yoga:

  • Naad Yoga is quite easy to do.
  • Since this is a meditation posture, first of all, choose a quiet place.
  • Bend the legs comfortably and sit completely relaxed. Keep in mind that you should not have any tension while doing this.
  • Now close your eyes and take a deep breath and then release, during this time you play a calm type of meditation song in the form of music.
  • While doing this yoga, you should be sitting in a meditation posture.
  • Now the most important thing that you have to do is concentrate your attention on the song and feel it.
  • During this time no thoughts should come to your mind.
  • Now after doing this exercise for about half an hour, slowly open your eyes, but your eyes should be completely closed during the practice.
  • Take your Naad Yoga process complete.

Practicing Nada Yoga daily has not one but many benefits to the body. Regular practice of this process makes you mentally strong. It is completely natural so any person can practice this yoga.

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