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What Is Fire Resistant Lumber Decking & Why Do You Need It?

Fired up by a recent wildfire? Looking to create an outside living space without having the worry of it being destroyed or damaged in just one accident, Bayou has what you need!

Check out their Batu Hard Wood Decking made from sustainable breeds with added UV protection on top ?” It’s stronger than steel and twice as nice” says Bayous sales manager Brad Dermanis (and let us know if this sounds good). The product includes everything needed to build your dream home: pre-cut boards screws nails, etc.; all hand-selected specifically at high.

Bayou City Lumber Wood Products offers beautiful Fire Resistant Lumber decking that will last for years.

What is Class A Fire Rated Decking?

A fire rating is the first step in determining how well your deck will fare when exposed to high temperatures and real fires. Every product has a chance of earning anywhere from Class C (the lowest) up through Class A, which requires rigorous testing during which time it’s placed on a non-combustible surface then Flame Tested for degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit as appropriate based on what type/size material you purchase 

A good idea would be to look at all these tests before deciding where best to place this important information so that they can make sure their customers know exactly what kind of risks come with certain types regardless of whether it’s more costly than others.

Why Fire Resistant Lumber Is Important

If you care about the safety and well-being of your family, investing in a Class A fire-rated product is an important decision. Not only will it ensure that any potential fires are less likely but also extreme heat from cars or other sources can set off those blazes too! With this kind of protection, we feel much more comfortable knowing our homes are protected against any unwanted visitor.

Batu Wood is the best choice for your next deck because it’s fire-resistant and environmentally friendly!

Batunya has been specially selected by our team at Design House as one of their go-to woods when we need to supply a high-quality product without sacrificing either looks or functionality.

Benefits of Fire-Resistant Wood Decking

The Batu wood is a beautiful natural decking option from Southeast Asia that has a rich red color, and it’s kiln-dried for maximum stability.

In addition, this hardwood can be both rots resistant as well as insect free; so you don’t have to worry about pesky bugs eating away at your investment!

Another bonus with the Batu hardened trusses; they’re three times harder than Douglas fir or seven times more durable when compared against Cedar; making them one of the most highly durable options available on today’s market.

Invest in Fire-Resistant Wood for Your Deck

Bayou City Lumber offers beautiful and durable Batu wood decking; that is fire-rated to pass Texas Building Code requirements in Houston.

Beyond its Class A rating; this sustainable material also has countless other benefits such as being easy maintenance with unique grain patterns for added character!

A new type of industry has emerged over the last few years; eco-friendly materials made from recycled items or plants are grown on-site instead of traditional sources like tree plantation farms.

With an increased demand towards sustainability initiatives; we have seen many companies rise up trying to provide high-quality alternatives through innovative designs combining modern technology engineering; and green chemistry principles.

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