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What is cyber-security and How to Stay Safe From Cyber Threats?

Cyber security is the way to protect critical systems from cyber-attacks & stealing sensitive information from digital attacks. Many call it information technology security also, which is make to combat threats against everything connected to the internet and other applications. According to an IBM report, in 2020, the cost of data leakage in the world was $3.86 million globally.

Here, in cost, different things are included like expenses of discovering the breach, downtime & lost revenue, etc. So, in current times, the demand for cyber-security is enormous. More & more students want to pursue their careers in this field. But during the course in university, they also need Cyber security assignment help to complete the assignment. They have experts who cover every aspect of cyber security. Let us discuss some important ones.

Types of cyber-attacks

The system of cyber security has many layers of protection that are across different computers, & networks.

Phishing: It is the practice of fake emails that has been sent to someone through reputable companies. The primary purpose of this attack is to get access to information like credit card numbers and other data.

Ransom- ware: It is malicious software. Here hackers force the victim to give some money by blocking access to his whole computer system. Get assignment help Sydney to know more about it.

Malware: It is a software that is made to gain unauthorize access. The purpose of this software is to damage the system.

Social engineering: It is also a trick use to steal sensitive information. This technique, combined with any cyber threats above, steals sensitive data and downloads the sources by clicking on the link. Get cyber security assignment help to you know more about it.

There are different types of cyber-attacks, and to remain safe from them, you need to follow other methods like:

Use a different password for different accounts: Many people use the same password for g-mail, Facebook, or any other social website which is not good practice. For example, If the person uses a password for g-mail, then they should never use that same password for Facebook.

Software or apps like payment should be update regularly: Always update those apps where you make cash payments. The developers of particular software keep looking for flaws, and if they find any problem then they give you an option of updating the software. Seek assignment help Sydney to know more about it.

Avoid additional links: Often, hackers send you a link to steal your information. So never click any other link that can be harmful to you.

Always download software from authentic sites: Never use third-party apps for downloading necessary software. Many times people have habits of using torrent software which is not good. Seek assignment help Sydney to know more about it.

So, applying these methods can always stay safe from cyber threats. And If you want to know more information, then hire an expert from an Online Assignment Expert. They have experts who can always help you, also many students call them the best cyber security assignment help all over Australia.


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