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What Is C++ Used For?

You may be confused about “What Is C++ Used For?” This article will explain everything you need to know about  C++ programming language, including the key uses.

You can start programming for a new career or as a hobby. It is the most popular programming language use by developers around the globe. That is use in almost all video games, embed systems and IoT devices as well as resource-intensive AI applications. It is recommend because of its many uses.

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Overview of C++

It is a general-purpose and free-form programming language that was created in 1979 by Bjarne Strroustrup at Bell Labs Murray Hill, New Jersey as an extension to the C language. Which is also known by the name C with classes, as it is an extension to C. It is gear towards large systems and software with limite resources. It has seen a lot of growth since its inception. C++20, the latest version, has object-orient functional and generic features as well as low-level memory manipulation. It’s greatest advantage is its ability to scale and allow developers to control how their applications consume resources.

Benefits of C++ Programming Languages


It is an object-oriented programming language. This means that it focuses on objects and manipulating them. This makes it easier to modify code than procedural or structure programming, which can require a series of computation steps.


It is the best choice when speed is important. It is faster than other general-purpose programming languages in terms of execution and compilation time.


Contrary to other programming languages, C++ code must be first compile to a low-level language before being execut.

Rich Library Support

Many functions are available in the C++ Standard Template Library (STL), which can be use to quickly write code. There are STLs available for different containers such as sets, maps, hash tables and more.

Closer to Hardware

It is more closely relate to hardware than other general-purpose programming languages. It is therefore very useful for areas where hardware and program are tightly couple and low-level support require at the software level.

What Is C++ Used For?

Operating Systems

C++ is an efficient programming language that can be type quickly and accurately, making it a great choice for creating operating systems. It is a popular programming language for Mac OS X. It is the language of choice for most Microsoft software, including Windows, Microsoft Office and IDE Visual Studio.


It is more closely relate to hardware so game developers use it to create their gaming systems. It is able to manipulate resources easily and can overcome the complexities of multiplayer networking and 3D games.

GUI Based Applications

It can also be use to create GUI-base or desktop applications. Adobe applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator are the majority of what you see. are develope using C++.

Web Browsers

Web browsers must be quick to execute because people don’t like waiting for web pages to load. It is used for rendering purposes, which is why most browsers were develope in C++. Mozilla Firefox is entirely develope in C++. Google apps like Chrome and Google File System were partly develope in C++.

Embedded Systems

C++ is use to develop embedde systems such as medical equipment systems and smartwatches. It can perform many low-level functions, which is not possible with other programming languages.

Banking Applications

It is the preferre programming language for banking applications, which require concurrency and multi-threading. Infosys Finacle, a well-known banking application, was develope in C++.


Many programming languages’ compilers are written in C++. They are lower-level languages than other higher-level languages, and they are closer to hardware.

Database Management Software

It can also be use to create database management software. It is the language use to create MySQL, the most widely-use open-source database.

Cloud/Distributed Systems

Cloud storage systems that are frequently use need to be closer to the hardware. It is the preferre language for cloud storage system implementation. Multithreading support is require to create concurrent applications that can tolerate load. This support C++ offers. Bloomberg is a distribute RDBMS software application written in C. However, its development environment and set libraries are all written in C++.


Libraries need high-level mathematics computations and performance. It is the most common programming language use in libraries. Tensorflow is one of the most widely use Machine Learning libraries. It uses this programming language for its backend programming language.


It is a fast programming language and is use widely to program space probes, telephone switches, routers, and other devices.

Advanced Computation and Graphics

All graphics applications, just like web browsers require quick rendering. It is the backend programming language for high-end graphics processing, computer vision and digital image processing software.

Final Words

This tutorial will show you how to use it, as well as the software programs written in C++. These are the applications that it is used every day by software professionals. We hope this blog clarifies all your questions about “What is it Used for?” It can be a difficult programming language to master, but the number of applications that can easily be created using it is truly amazing.

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