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What Is A WPC Decking Click System?

As was already indicated, the click (also known as a lock) flooring installation technique has been around for nearly 30 years. It goes by a number of names, including interlocking flooring, snap-together, and click-together, among others. However, it is frequently referred to as “Click Flooring.” The idea is the same, regardless of the name you select. In a mostly floating installation, it’s utilized to cover existing flooring or subfloors. Popular flooring materials including laminate, hybrid, and engineered wood are also available in the WPC decking click system.

Why is it called click flooring, though? If you have ever seen this type of flooring being placed, you will know why. Contrary to other flooring solutions, you do not need to use nails, glue, or staples since the boards click or lock together. It makes sense that this installation method is thought to be the simplest. Because of this, the WPC decking click system is ideal for people who want to do things themselves.

Different kinds of floor locking mechanisms are available. However, they are all installed in the same way through a process called “Floating Installation.” This type of flooring has a connecting mechanism that superficially resembles the conventional tongue and groove technique. The interlocking profile, which is visible right around the border of each board, is what makes the difference, though. The boards can be firmly locked or clicked thanks to this function.

The requirement of inner-city Europeans who frequently moved their furnishings when they changed flats led to the development of floor locking devices. Since much of your old flooring could be reused, wpc terrassendielen mit klicksystem was able to be disassembled and rebuilt in a new home. Typically, a few additional packs were all that were needed to complete the project.

Additionally, homeowners noticed that their floors appeared nicer since there were no gaps between the floorboards when the installation was done correctly. Additionally, this removed the height variations between the boards that may have been apparent following installation with other goods. These problems were promptly fixed by the WPC decking click system, which explains why this installation technique has gained so much popularity.

The benefits of WPC Decking | Storm Building Products

The Benefits of WPC decking boards with click system

You may consider that utilizing glue is a better solution than click-lock. However, the following five benefits of locking systems over conventional flooring installation methods are as follows:

  1. Practicality

Using the WPC decking click system makes installing floors really simple. Floorboards that swiftly and easily connect at the sides and ends make up the system. This makes the WPC decking click system exceptionally simple to install since it just snaps together without the use of glue or nails.

  1. Excellent Options

WPC decking click system comes in a variety of product varieties. Only the WPC decking click system is available for hybrid and laminate floors. Compared to traditional tongue and groove, wpc terrassendielen klicksystem alternatives for engineered wood are also more prevalent. This implies that there is a WPC decking click system option for you regardless of whether waterproof, durable, or realistic-looking are your primary concerns.

  1. It Aids in Moisture Resistance

The surface of the WPC decking click system becomes waterproof when properly placed. As a result, even while the product’s core is not waterproof (as is the case with laminate and engineered wood), the locking mechanism will help prevent moisture infiltration for a longer amount of time than traditional goods.

  1. It’s Simple to Relay the Floors

Systems with a WPC decking click systems are great if you’re a handyman. In addition to being easy to install, it also allows you to lift the boards and re-lay them. In this way, if you love your floor and decide to move, you can take it with you!

  1. It Has Fewer Constraints Than Glue-Down Flooring

For the uninitiated, glue-down is difficult. Adhesives have a working time and a required application depth. They don’t fully bind if you lay too soon. They don’t bond at all if you go to bed too late. Additionally, glue might permanently stain your floor if it comes into touch with it. You won’t have any of these worries if you choose the WPC decking click systems.

Is Your WPC decking boards with click system private?

Is Your WPC decking boards with click system private?

When installing WPC decking boards with a click system, a level subfloor is the most important need. All flooring kinds need this, although for various reasons. The joints in your flooring will be stressed by an uneven subfloor and eventually break, resulting in the failure of the product. Always read and strictly adhere to the installation instructions provided by the flooring manufacturer. The manufacturer will only wish you well if you don’t adhere to these guidelines and your floor has a problem. Even if you believe a floor to be level, you should always use a straightedge to confirm that it is indeed level because it is impossible to detect subfloor intolerance with the naked eye.

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What Locking Systems are Available?

Although there are more, there are now 3 primary locking mechanisms in use on the Swedish market. But they are all built on one of these three tenets or another.

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