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What can a wifi air purifier do?

With the popularity of computers, television, and telecommuting, people now spend most of their time indoors, so indoor air environment has a growing impact on human health. With the influence of air pollution, haze aggravation, decoration materials and so on, indoor pollution has increasingly attracted people’s attention, so the application of air purifier is increasingly widespread. The following are several advantages of using a wifi air purifier.

wifi air purifier


  1. Filter particulate matter and harmful gases in the air


Soot in the air, dust, fly ash, solid sulfur, solid carbide and PM2.5 particles easily get into the lungs, stimulate the respiratory tract, using the air purifier can well purify air, still can of particles such as cigarette smoke, sensitization effect is obvious, such as allergic hay fever, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract mucous membrane inflammation, etc all can alleviate or cure effect. Air purifiers can also remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and reduce the risk of cancer. With HEPA air purifier filter inside, it can handle even PM 2.5 easily, want to know the reason? check on why does air purifier remove PM2.5.



  1. Bactericidal and antiviral effect

Air purifier sterilization methods, mainly HPEA filter adsorption, ultraviolet sterilization, negative ions, photocatalyst, ozone generator. Most of the indoor air is inhaled into the fuselage to complete sterilization or sterilization inside the fuselage, without worrying about the damage to the human body. Timely killing of airborne bacteria can reduce the risk of disease for the elderly, children and members with poor resistance in the family. At present, novel coronavirus is rampant. Considering that it is directly around 80nm-120nm, that is, PM0.08-PM0.12, some air purifiers meeting this standard can kill novel coronavirus, which is of great help to the current isolation and protection at home For more information on air purifiers, please visit the website https://www.caresfresh.com/.


  1. Air humidification


Winter air dry, often live in dry air easy to cause dry lips, dry respiratory tract. Regular use of air purifiers can be a good prevention of dry air caused by a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. The negative ions released by some purifiers can improve lung function and sleep.


  1. Remotely check indoor air qualityvia Wifi air purifier


Using a wifi air purifier can be very convenient. Before going out to work and coming home, you can remotely check the air quality at home through mobile phones and other devices, which can make air purification preparation conveniently and quickly, and also prevent fire and other emergencies.

In conclusion, the common use of air purifiers in the home has many benefits. Conditional families are advised to use them regularly, which is a good protection for their health and that of their families.

Advantage of air purifier

Air purifier has the function of purifying air, humidification, skin beauty and other additional functions unnecessary.

With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, purifiers on the market are not only aimed at air purification, but have many additional functions. These additional functions can improve the enjoyment of life for people alone, but also have a certain effect on air purification.

For example, the humidification function of the air purifier, on the one hand, can humidify the air and make the indoor air moist;

On the other hand, it can effectively increase the life of the net ion group, so that the air purification lasts for a long time. With the development of economy and science and technology, the damage to the environment is becoming more and more serious, and the pressure of life is getting larger and larger. The incidence of some “urban diseases” and “modern civilization diseases” is gradually increasing. Pure and fresh air is not only helpful to physical and mental health, but also can help relieve pressure and relax the mood.

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