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What are the Chinese Takeout Boxes and How Can You Customize them?

The Chinese takeout boxes were previously more commonly known as the oyster pails because they were used to carry oysters. Modern-day Chinese takeout boxes are a more adaptive version of Chinese oyster pails with a broader range of applications. They also go by the names of Chinese food boxes or paper pails. 

You would have seen them at restaurants, food stalls, canteens, and other public places where food products are sold. In the USA as well as in a number of other Eastern as well as Western countries, the Chinese takeout boxes wholesale are among the very popular food containers. This is because of the very high degree of utility provided by these boxes. They are very cost-effective, simple, and yet very practical. Let’s take a deeper dive into the structure of these boxes and their common uses.

The Structure of Chinese Take Out Boxes

The Chinese take-out boxes have a unique and yet fairly simple structure. These boxes are made using origami-shaped flaps. These flaps are overlapped and interlocked to provide a uniquely shaped container.  They are sometimes waxed together for durability and security. The basic container starts with a narrow base and it starts broadening as we move upward. 

Then at the top of the container, there are the interlocking flaps that close securely together.  These interlocking flaps, which close together tightly make the Chinese take out boxes into a sort of semi-sealed boxes. Hence they are capable of retaining the freshness and the taste of the items packed within for a long time. 

The Chinese take-out boxes are usually leak-proof. Besides, the big size of the container allows a fairly large amount of food to be packed in these boxes.

Although the most commonly used Chinese take-out boxes have a steel handle for easy portability, these boxes may or may not have a handle at the top.

One of the best features of the Chinese take-out boxes is that they can be made into the plates. All you need to do is to push back the glued parts and you are ready to eat your food on a plain disposable plate. 

The Uses of Takeout Boxes

Since these boxes have a semi-sealed container, they are capable of being used for a variety of food items. One of the most common uses of Chinese takeout boxes is rice containers. They can hold as much as a couple cups of rice. Their reasonably large size allows them to carry a complete meal for a person. 

Since they are semi-sealed and come with a secure closure, these boxes are good enough for both hot and cold food items. Although they are capable of retaining the temperature and freshness of the items within, at the same time, they do allow some steam to escape from the sizzling hot foods. 

Since these boxes can be unfolded to make a plate, they are used a lot for picnics and other outdoor get-togethers as they reduce the need to carry the plates. 

The Chinese takeout boxes can be used to carry a considerably huge variety of food items whether these are noodles, rice, fried chicken, burgers, chow mein, or other similar foods. 

Customization of Chinese Takeout Boxes

Most custom packaging manufacturer offers these boxes in all sorts of customized styles

The huge surface area provided by the Chinese take-out boxes allows customized printing in all desirable ways. You can get the company-specific graphics printed on these boxes in the most exquisite way. Besides, you can get your logo to come to life on the Chinese take-out boxes by using additional printing options like embossing, debossing, foiling, and Spot UV. These boxes can also be customized in shape, size, and color.

Moreover, you can get them made with or without handles at the top. You can go for the traditional steel handles on these boxes. Or there are other options as well. For example, you can go for the cut-out handles as well for the convenience of carrying. In short, these boxes are just as customizable as any other type of packaging boxes.

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