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What are the Advantages of Offset Printing Machine?

Offset Printing Machine: In the cut-throat market competition, businesses need to do more than deliver a quality product. A study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board reveals that 7 in every 10 customers say their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design. 

Therefore, how your entire product looks can make or break your business. That’s the reason most businesses are approaching offset printing machine manufacturers to get customized packaging for their products. 

The demand for quality customized packaging has made offset printing the gold standard of the printing industry.

So, let’s a little more about the printing process.

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing is the most commonly used printing technique manufacturers use to ensure the highest print quality on different substrates. An offset printing machine is used, which first transfers the inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. Both UV-based and water-based inks can be used in the process. 

The technique is used for projects that need the best print quality at high speed, like books, newspapers, brochures, magazines, and stationery. 

Many manufacturers use an offset printing machine with a bag making machine to produce customized and varied print paper bags and offer them to multiple businesses, ranging from big brands to retail outlets.

Advantages Of Offset Printing Machine

High-quality prints

An offset printing machine ensures that the print quality is optimum compared to the digital and many other new forms of printing. It uses ink instead of toner that adds rich colors, quality print, and fine lines to the products. With the technique, manufacturers can obtain cleaner and sharper prints, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, retain them for a lifetime and ensure better growth in the long run.

Best for mass/bulk orders

Offset printing is cost-effective as it helps you carry large orders at small costs. Whether you want to print thousands of newspapers or hundreds of books, all orders can be printed swiftly and efficiently using the offset printing machine. When printing is done at a large scale, the cost per copy decreases. The technique is one of the most inexpensive ways to produce high-quality prints at high speed.

A good investment for bag making business

If you are using a paper bag machine to produce quality bags, you can use an offset machine to print them and get more customers on board. In the competitive landscape, businesses are finding things to attract customers, and printing is one that can help them do so. 

From big brands to small businesses, everyone is getting their packaging bags printed with their logo or business story for promotional purposes. This helps them carve their brand into the customers’ minds and persuade them to purchase. Branding also helps in customer retention and helps businesses grow in the long run. In a nutshell, with an offset printing machine, manufacturers can boost their business by helping others to boost theirs. 

Print on a wide variety of surfaces

The machine can print on a wide variety of surfaces like plastic, paper, and wrappers. That makes them a perfect fit for newspaper printing houses, book publishers, and other printing houses.

Several finishes

With web offset printing, manufacturers can achieve a variety of quality finishes. They can choose from hi-print, newspaper print, or choose between matter, high-gloss, and satin finishes.

Efficient printing plates that save money and time

You can change the metal plates of the machine based on the project’s requirements. Then, the machine transfers the image to the metal plate, having the capability of a million impressions. Plus, the plates offer great durability as the print media never touches them, thus adding more years to their working life.

Shorter turnaround time

Setting up an offset printing machine initially takes a few additional steps to ensure consistent, high-quality prints. It helps manufacturers to take on big projects and meet them on time. More orders are completed on time, helping them take on more projects, thus boosting the overall revenue by a considerable amount.

Ink volume

Another advantage of the machine is that it offers you the flexibility to adjust the amount of ink on the fountain roller with the help of screw keys. The keys alter the gap between the blade and the fountain roller, and the metal blade controls the amount of ink that needs to be transferred to the fountain roller. Same way, you can also control the density of the ink in certain areas to ensure the image is correctly printed. The advanced offset printing machine can be operated electronically, adding high precision to the printing process.

Disadvantages Of Offset Printing Machine

  • A little inferior image quality compared to photogravure printing.
  • The aluminum printing plates become sensitive over time (due to chemical oxidation).
  • Frequent maintenance of plates is required to ensure no print in non-image/background areas.
  • A lot of time, effort, and cost are involved in producing plates and printing press setup. 

Quick Review On Why Offset Printing Is the Best Printing Method

  • Quantity: The more you print, the less the cost of printing per unit will be. It means larger quantities have a lower unit cost with offset printing.
  • Printing medium: It offers flexibility as different printing plates can be used to carry out the printing process.
  • Color: In case you need only black ink or maximum ink colors, offset printing can be your best option. 
  • More on color. If you want to print using the Pantone® Matching System, offset printing can be your best bet as it uses actual Pantone® ink. It offers accurate color matching on projects, helping manufacturers attain maximum customer satisfaction and, therefore, maximum ROI.
  • Turnaround: The printing method offers accurate color proofing.
  • Customization. Without question, offset printing provides the best way to customize marketing materials, letters, direct mail pieces, etc.

Wrapping Up

Offset printing machines and paper bag making machines help manufacturers get the best packaging for their products. In this marketing world, where appeal and quality matter, offset printing can assure good results. It helps businesses come out as a brand that people remember for a long time. This helps them get more customers, boost sales, get more revenue, and attain unparalleled growth over the years.

Offset printing is best when the requirement is for large volume print orders, and images must be of high-quality color. The printing method can be used on different substrates and offer a cost-efficient printing experience. The printing method ranks above all other printing techniques.

Hoping that the article jas given you a better understanding of offset printing methods and the advantages offset printing machines can offer. If still, you have any questions in mind, do let us know in the comments below. The Trust Blog

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