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What are the Advantages / disadvantages of Studying MBBS abroad?

Advantages of Studying MBBS Abroad

Here are a few justifications for choosing to pursue MBBS abroad:

Few Seats Available in Indian Colleges

As more Indians want to become doctors every year, Indian medical institutes are frequently associated with fierce rivalry. It is certain that many applicants won’t gain a seat because there are only roughly 542 medical schools in the country. This is not the case, though, because there are many good solutions available abroad.

Medical Professionals Are in High Demand

Hospital beds, nurses, and medical personnel are all in limited supply in India. Only 86 doctors are licensed to practise in India, compared to the global average of 150 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants. Many young people have been inspired to study abroad because of the shortage. This might also be a contributing reason to the love for lifesaving among many Indian youths.

Financially Lucrative

The prestige associated with the degree and the career satisfaction it delivers are major additional factors for studying abroad. Students can apply for residency programmes, during which their expenses are covered, as soon as they have finished their six and a half years of medical school.

Better classroom labs

Colleges overseas provide cutting-edge labs and a very engaging studying atmosphere. The greatest tools and equipment are often available in their laboratories, allowing you to get practical application skills while pursuing your degree.

Globally Relevant Degree

You can pursue a professional career anywhere in North America and India with a medical degree from a foreign institution, like the American University of Antigua (AUA). You can thus practise medicine in numerous nations thanks to the degree.

Awareness of new cultures

When seeking a degree, many young people hope to realize their ambition of getting to know different cultures. This develops into a significant motivator as it aids in perspective-widening through exposure to many surroundings and cultures. Such opportunities can in fact support holistic growth, which broadens one’s employment options.

Improve Soft Skills

Depending on where one is relocating, a language barrier could exist and provide an opportunity to pick up a new tongue. In the long run, learning a second language for social integration can benefit brain growth, especially if one intends to settle permanently in the same nation in the future.

Understanding Independence

The fact that so many kids share a home with their parents frequently interferes with personal development. Therefore, it is thought that being away from your family helps you develop greater independence, accountability, and self-reliance. These abilities also aid in one’s overall personality development.

Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI)

You have the chance to earn money with a professional degree from a college or university like AUA thanks to the Match, a residency programme for international students. As soon as you earn your undergraduate degree, this occurs. This is a significant justification for studying abroad, especially for those who want to settle in North America.

Possibilities for Choosing Permanent Residence Abroad

As was already noted, the Match enables you to relocate abroad only on the basis of academic achievement. For people who want to move abroad to study and apply for positions in medicine there, this presents fantastic chances.

We sincerely hope that this blog has given you some new perspective on the advantages of studying an MBBS overseas. You may feel more motivated to pursue the degree yourself now that you are aware of the benefits of studying abroad.

Disadvantages of studying Abroad

Each student’s experience while pursuing an MBBS overseas will be unique. Some pupils might experience problems as a result of specific factors. Here are a few drawbacks of study MBBS abroad:

Language Variation

China, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and other well-liked nations for learning MBBS overseas. The use of English is not common in these nations. Indian students with limited linguistic proficiency would therefore have few options. Even while universities serving the international diaspora will offer English program, students who are fluent in their native tongue will always be at an advantage.

Universities at Risk of Fraud

There is no denying that there are many benefits to MBBS study abroad, but it has also resulted in the creation of a number of bogus universities and subpar educational institutions. These colleges frequently make the claim that they offer admission without an entrance exam. Students need to exercise caution and steer clear of such frauds.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has supplied a list of prestigious colleges and universities that are approved by the organization and offer top-notch instruction to students applying for MBBS overseas in order to allay this worry.

Various Academic Standards

Each nation will give MBBS students a distinctive experience. Therefore, before applying to any foreign university, it is essential to grasp the curriculum. Along with academic standards, medical procedures will vary from university to university. As a result, it is generally advised for students to do their study thoroughly before submitting an application to the universities of their choosing. Speaking with former students and current college students at these periods would also be valuable.

Screening Exam for MCI

Students can at any time go back to India to practise. Students who have earned their MBBS overseas must pass the MCI-approved Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) in order to practise medicine in their native country.

For some Indian students, the FMGE may seem difficult. The good news is that the pass rate for current applicants is increasing, making it easier than ever for medical students to pass any licensure exam with some preparation.

Unusual Climate Conditions

The climate can be rather harsh in a few places, which makes it challenging for Indian students to adjust. However, some nations do have climates that are comparable to those in India. In order to live and study in the country comfortably, students must carefully select their institution.

Training for Internship

International students are not allowed to touch patients while completing internships at hospitals. In these circumstances, the internship solely takes the shape of an observer. Because they only practise on dummies and not on dead bodies, they are unable to get practical experience.

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