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What are all the Different T-Shirt Styles?

There are so many different types of t-shirts out there. Who knew? There’s a style for everything…or not, depending on your tastes. Let’s check out the various styles…

Empire T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt that brings attention to your waistline area. They usually have an “empire waist” (low or high), which is very long and touches above or below the belly button. This makes you look more thinner than you actually are; however, some people don’t like them because they make them feel self-conscious about their upper half (the main part that gets ’empire’). It also makes you appear bustier, though it depends on how low/high your empire waste is.

“Lovely Lady” T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt that is designed to be very “haggy”. The neckline area is made wider than most other t-shirts, allowing you to wear them with an oversize necklace. They come in many different styles and looks, some looking like old vests or having arm openings bigger than average.

Boatneck T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt where the neckline starts at the shoulder line and runs straight down without touching your collarbone (unlike a crewneck). This gives off a more casual look while making you appear more petite because it highlights your clavicle bones. It also allows for more room if wearing a heavy necklace or thicker necklaces.

Crewneck T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt that is the opposite of a boatneck, starting from your collarbone line and going straight down to meet at your chest area. It gives off a more casual look, reminding people of a “gym clothes” style since it’s usually worn by athletes. Crew necks also make you appear boxier if chosen with this intention (otherwise they’ll make you appear as if you have broad shoulders). They’re perfect for layering, as long as the layers don’t stick out past the neckline.

V Neck T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt where the neckline is basically a “V” shape, starting from your chest area and going directly down to the bottom of your shirt. This makes you look less boxy than crew necks, while still making you appear more casual. Because it lands right in between boatnecks and crewnecks, people assume V-necks are just another version of “American Apparel”.

Dolman T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt that is baggier at the top (but not empire or loose), gathering in the underarm/sleeve area to give off a batwing effect for women’s clothing. It’s basically an oversized crewneck with sleeves, but some prefer this because they don’t like how tight the sleeves are on their arm when wearing Crewnecks.

Tunic T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt that is basically a dolman without the sleeve and sometimes the gather under the armpit area. It looks like a long dress or smock on most people, but some prefer this over tunic length shirts because its less hassle putting them on (you only pull up rather than pull down). A lot of gyms nowadays are using them as gym clothes since they’re more comfortable and you can’t see sweat stains easily.

Hemline T-Shirts

A type of t-shirt that has no hemline at all, usually meant for those who want to show off their belly button rings with a crop top. They come in many different lengths, but they’re all meant to be worn high-low. Muscle Tanks A type of t-shirt that is basically a tank top with longer sleeves, or an oversized muscle tee without the slits in the bottom/sides. They’re not meant to be tucked in, but some people do that anyway.

Tank Tops

A type of t-shirt that is sleeveless and meant to be worn with a strapless bra because the armholes are usually very low cut. They come in many different styles which can help you choose by body shape: racerback tank top, baby doll, draped neckline, etc.


A type of shirt or dress that goes underneath sheer/sheer-like blouses so you can wear them without your whole bra showing through (the kind with skinny straps). They’re usually made from cotton but some camisoles have built-in shapewear, while others add rushing for a bustier/more flattering effect.

T-Shirt Dresses

A type of dress that is shaped like a t-shirt, but with the same kind of sleeves and length as a standard dress (knee-length or longer). It’s basically a shirt you can wear without having to buy it in “dress shirt” form, which some prefer since they’re more casual/comfy than regular dresses.

Tunic Dress

A type of dress that hangs down like a long rectangle and looks like something Harry Potter would wear (or at least it did when we were kids). They come in many different lengths and designs: empire waist, a notched neckline, bell sleeves, etc.


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