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Water Logic Offers The Best Water Softener In Pakistan

General Steps For Installing A Water Softener

A water softener is an important device use to remove hardness-causing ions from water supplied to households. These ions dissolve in the water as it passes through the atmosphere and soil into municipal water collection systems.

Since these ions are not harmful to humans, most cities do not remove them from the water before it is discharged into residential areas.

When the water enters homes, it is expose to heat and oxygen, which causes the ions to precipitate, causing hardness and salt deposits on bathroom fixtures and dishes.

These salt deposits can damage appliances and removing them is inconvenient for homeowners

For this reason, many people choose to purchase and install a water softener that is design to remove the ions before they reach the home’s main water system.

Individuals who plan to install their own water softener are advised to familiarize themselves with the process before purchasing a system for their home.

The complexity of the installation process depends on the type of water softener used. Homeowners who choose a salt-based system will find that it must be connect to the pipes that bring water into the home. This will allow the water to pass through the softener before it enters the main water supply.

Before you start the installation

it is very important to turn off the power to the water heater and run some water through the pipes to expel the air.

A system that uses salt usually consists of two tanks, which should be place on a dry, flat surface that is not prone to frost.

A heat garage, basement or attic is a common location for a water softener if there is drainage for the brine being expel from the system.

When installing a salt-base water softener, keep in mind that the salt should be replenish every few months and that the tank should be located so that it is easily accessible.

Salt bags can be very heavy and you don’t want to carry them up and down many flights of stairs or in confine spaces. A water softening usually needs to plug into a three-prong (120 volt) outlet to work.

Although most systems have a three-foot cord that can extend, if necessary, it’s important to know where the outlet is located when choosing a location.

It is also important that the softener be located near the drain so that the softening liquid can be return to the waste system after each regeneration cycle.

Incorrectly connecting the system to the drain can cause flooding and serious water damage

Once you have determined where to install the water softener and the drain location, install the bypass valve on the manifold, make the water connection to the softener, check for an overflow line and program the microprocessor to put the system into operation.

Refer to the user manual supply with the system for details on how to perform each step

It is very important that you check the procedures in the manual before installing the system. The procedure depends on the system you purchase, and what is require for one software may not require for another.

While it is possible to install a water softener system yourself if you are familiar with plumbing, it is usually recommend that you have a plumber or water softener installer do the work.

This may be necessary to properly set up the device and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty in case something happens to the water softener in the future.

If you want to know more about the manufacturer’s installation standards, consult a local professional or contact the manufacturer directly.

If you are considering purchasing a water softener and want to learn more about the products currently available and how to install them, we encourage you to visit waterlogic.pk for detailed product reviews and information about removing hardness ions.

By studying this information carefully before you buy, you can get a better understanding of water softening systems and make a better purchasing decision.

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