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Unique Color Combinations of Rugs to Reflect Your Style

It’s time to update the decor and style of your home! Home decoration is more than just picking out furniture, pillows, and paintings. Interior design or home decor is all about creating a space that reflects who you are as an individual or family. And an easy way to do this is through color combinations. It can be as simple as combining three colors or as complex as mixing four different shades with various tints for a unique look. One of the essential things of decorating your home is choosing a color scheme. The colors you choose can set the mood for your entire house and even influence how others feel when they are in it with you. If you’re looking to add some color into your space, but don’t want to do a major overhaul in painting or adding new furniture, then rugs may be the perfect solution! You can even do it in a way that reflects your style! Read on for some tips on how to create different color combinations in your home with rugs.


Monochrome is the Key

You may have heard the phrase “Monochromatic” before, but don’t let it intimidate you. The term refers to using colors of similar hues – this is a great way to create an easy yet beautiful look for your home! For more variety in color combinations without being too daring, consider creating Monochromatic schemes with rug shades. The colors and shades you choose for your rugs should be close in color but not too similar. For example, you wouldn’t want to put bright purple and turquoise next to each other as the two colors would run together instead of looking unique. Instead, go with a monochromatic look by choosing one color and using different shades of it. For example, you could go with a gray rug and use light gray, medium charcoal, and dark charcoal to create some dimension! These best colorful rugs will help you to create the most beautiful color combinations. The monochrome scheme is a popular choice for those who want to incorporate color but aren’t looking for too loud.


The Rule of Three

Another helpful tip is what we like to call “the rule of three.” It means that if your rug has too many colors, it will be hard for those eye-catching rugs to stand out and make a statement. You should keep your room’s other elements as neutral as possible while adding in some color. It is also perfect for making their rooms pop, but you don’t know where to start when choosing the right colors, especially if you’re still unsure which rug size will work best based on your space! The three-color principle is a simple way to get the look you want without overwhelming your room with too many bold colors. Here are some tips:

  • If you want a room with color, try sticking to one accent wall and two other walls in lighter shades. It is perfect because it will allow your main focal point (the rug) to be the most eye-catching part of your room.
  • Try painting two walls in darker hues and one wall with white or another lighter color for a more subtle look. If this is too much or extra for your taste, choose neutrals like gray and tan – these colors will allow your rug’s patterns to be highlighted. All of the colors in your room will play off each other, creating either a subtle or bolder look. The great thing about neutral rugs is that they are so versatile – you can use them with nearly any color scheme! By choosing neutrals for your rug, you allow it to blend into whichever surroundings it’s placed in.


Mix Textures

Another way to make sure that your color combination reflects your style is by mixing different textures on top of each other. Try putting an indoor/outdoor rug in the kitchen or bathroom, for example. It can be a little bit more difficult to clean than other types of rugs, but the durability will pay off in your decor! The best part is that you can play around with different styles to see what works best in your home. The rug doesn’t have to be placed underneath the table like it typically is. Try making a pattern out of your different textures by interestingly arranging them throughout the room.


Don’t Make it Too Busy.

You don’t want too many different colors and textures clashing in one room (unless you like that look). This is why having just a few simple pieces is the best way to go. If you’re not sure about your color and pattern combinations, that’s okay! Start with some neutral-colored rugs and add different textures or colors once you get more comfortable with them. You might think of unique color combinations as something for interior design experts only, but that’s not true. You can do it if you pay attention to your space and how colors play together.


Play with Patterns

The key to unique color combinations is contrast. While this can mean using various colors, it’s just as important to add texture and pattern to keep things from becoming too dull or monotonous. You only need three pieces for your room:

  • A rug with a bold geometric shape
  • A textured hand-knotted rug in a neutral color
  • A solid-colored, hand-knotted rug

It will add visual interest and depth to your floor while creating a subtle but cohesive color scheme.


Go Bold!

Bold colors are an easy way to make a statement with your rug. A bold color scheme doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint the entire room in bright colors; rather, it’s more about picking accent colors that pop against each other and play well together. Just like any good outfit requires patterns and textures, so does your home decor. Going for a bold color scheme without the added texture would be like buying a red dress and pairing it with black flats. You’ll look nice, but you won’t stand out amongst the crowd! If your style is more traditional, A solid rug will always work well in any room. A classic wool rug can easily transition from one season to another by paired with a neutral couch in the winter and an outdoor patio set in the summer.


In the End

The tips, as mentioned earlier, are just the beginning of what makes rug color combos so interesting. There is no limit to combining rugs in a room or throughout your home! Rug colors are a way to express your style, and they can also make the room feel more warm, inviting, fresh or happy. Make sure to pick up the perfect rug color. RugKnots offers a huge selection of rugs that come in unique and interesting color combinations. They offer the largest assortment of rug sizes, patterns, textures, and colors on the web, with over 1 million options to choose from! We guarantee you’ll find something here for any style or budget.


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