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Types Of Technical Writing And The Skills You Need For Them

Technical writing involves writing various forms of documentation that include policy and report writing. You can find highly detail-oriented technical reports and whitepapers that result from extensive research being produced in many industries. This form of content writing is imperative to several fields like science, technology, and business. There are various kinds of technical documents, and you may encounter many of them daily. Naturally, it makes sense to find out the most prevalent types of technical writing. In this article, you’ll go through all of them so you can understand this writing form better.


Who Is a Technical Writer?

Before understanding the different forms of technical writing, it makes sense to know the technical writer definition. A technical writer composes organizational documents like instruction manuals, end-user manuals, product guides, and other specialized product descriptions. They can also write whitepapers, case studies, and other high-quality documentation as per their area of excellence.


The Major Types of Technical Writing

As per the society of technical communication, technical writing definition entails communicating about technical issues in an easy-to-understand manner to a defined audience. Technical writers do it by leveraging technologies like social media and web pages. Below are its significant types.


1. User manuals and guides 

User guides break down a specific product into different parts. It explains the functioning of every piece. It also involves answering questions of people who use the product for a prolonged time. The technical writer needs to have a good knowledge of organizing instructional manuals into sections and stages. The writer should have an in-depth understanding of the product. They should also clearly and concisely mention all the points related to the product’s functioning.


2. Corporate reports and feasibility studies

A feasibility study finds the suitability of a concept before it goes ahead with its implementation. Corporate reports include works like yearly financial reports that describe the company’s progress. These kinds of work need meticulous research. The technical writer presents facts that normal employees and shareholders can easily understand through this research. These reports comprise charts and graphs for comparison in different areas. It also contains narratives to describe the visual aids.


3. Assembly manuals 

It’s one of the common types of technical writing. The technical writer understands the re-assembly and disassembly process of specific equipment and prepares assembly manuals and repair manuals for different types of machinery. You can only write a good assembly manual if you know deeply about the equipment and its repair processes. It also requires the writer to possess substantial knowledge of the working of production lines and how the workers operate the machinery.


4. Research results 

You will not find any medical device or pharmaceutical without thorough documentation. This documentation contains the findings based on lab testing or field research. To write research results, it’s essential to pay a lot of attention to detail. Its because to prepare them, you must include facts about the drug interactions, its side effects, and their impact on health.


5. Policies and procedure guidelines 

All enterprises have certain policies and procedures guidelines. These rules govern the company as well as the employee handbook. The enterprise can safeguard itself against lawsuits from staff members who claim they weren’t familiar with specific regulations. A technical writer outlines these instructions in a coherent and non-discriminatory language.


6. Technical guides or books 

Technical writer definition create guides for people to understand software products. These are quite similar to user help guides. It’s important for these books to be easily understandable to non-technical users. So, the technical writer needs to have an in-depth knowledge of creating a how-to book.


7. Whitepapers 

Whitepapers are lengthy guides that help a business’s target audience make certain decisions. So, they explore various issues and offer evidence-based solutions to readers. Many companies use whitepapers to help their audience understand a problem and their proposed solution. Through whitepapers, consumers can better gauge if a specific solution, product, or technology is right for them.


8. Case studies 

Case studies can be about organizations, individuals, or groups. They analyze real-world issues. This form of technical writing reflects a study of an issue over a specific period. So, it aims to determine patterns in data about the issue after which generalizations are made.


Final Words

Today, almost all global industries have a huge need for technical documentation. Effective writing of this form turns highly complex information into a text that’s easily understandable for the end-user. The various types of technical writing explained in this article are used at different levels in an organization.


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