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Types of suspension springs

A car’s stability and driving comfort are affected by the types of suspension springs that have been installed. The road terrain is very different from one place to another. This affects the smoothness of the car ride.

Long ago when there were no suspension springs, rides were very uncomfortable. These springs usually prevent the vigorous up and down movement that is caused by uneven road terrain. The fact that the vehicle’s body is held in place when you hit a bump is because of the suspension system. But the level of sway caused by the bump largely depends on the type of suspension springs you use.

The types of suspension springs we are about to discuss will help you choose the best one for your car. We will look at their characteristics and how they serve their purposes. Further if your car’s suspension system is faulty, the car might be shaking when you accelerate or when carrying a heavy load.

1. Coil Springs.

Coil springs Types of suspension springs

They belong to the springing element of the car’s suspension system. They are made with a thick steel wire that is spiral in shape. If you have an older vehicle  model, you are probably familiar with these coil springs.

Coil springs are different in three ways. The variations are not hard to tell because they are pretty obvious. When you look at the different types of coil springs, you notice they have different densities. Further the coil springs will also vary in terms of number of coils and wire thickness.

It goes without saying that the higher the variant characteristic the higher the pricing. They have an advantage over the leaf springs. Which is the fact that they offer more energy per volume weight. That is, energy stored in a given weight of spring. They attach to the axel to offer more control when braking and accelerating.

2. Coil over springs.

Coil over types of suspension system springs
Metal Spring Mechanical Mechanics Steel Coil

They are also known as suspension strut. This comes about when the coil spring has a shock absorber in the center. They are usually found in the modern types of springs. Their superiority comes about because of their springing rate. In fact, they are capable of handling a high amount of springing rate making them the best.

Further, it makes them able to provide quality rides. Mostly you will find them installed in the front wheels. But for high performance vehicles like the Audi, they are installed both at the front and back.

3. Leaf springs.

Leaf springs

They are the oldest suspension system springs. Their design includes a number of steel plates arranged on top of each other with an increasing length from the center. Further, the leaves are joined together by a center bolt at the center and sides to keep the leaves in position. But some leaf springs have reducing length from the top leaf.

They were over throne by the other types of suspension springs because of their resistance to overload. At least the other types give some room for a little overload. This is without making the ride uncomfortable and without sacrificing control during cornering.

Further, people stopped preferring leaf springs because of the amount of space they take up. Additionally, leaf springs require constant maintenance that involves oiling them. A car that is fitted with these springs is susceptible to squeaking noises if the springs are not oiled. Sometimes the squeaking could be coming from brakes so it is good to confirm this first.

4. Lowered springs.

This is an aftermarket spring that can be installed in place of the manufacturer’s original spring equipment. They have a lower springing rate. Meaning that if you are driving in a rough terrain, these are not the springs for you. By a low springing rate, it means that they do not accommodate a lot of up and down movement.

Modifying your suspension can affect your insurance cover so talk to your insurer before you proceed. The lowering springs are the best for performance purposes. Because they lower the vehicle’s center of gravity which enhances vehicle performance.



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